Experience with Delta Vacations?
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We find ourselves in the enviable position of having significant travel vouchers to use up with Delta, and are also in need of the most decision-free vacation possible. Do you have experience with the pre-packaged Delta Vacations, which include hotel+airfare+taxes? Can you tell me about it, especially if you've been to Hawaii or Mexico?

I'm also interested in hearing about other specifically all-inclusive resorts you recommend that are easily accessible from the West Coast. Depending on when we go the flights might not eat up the entire voucher, which is why Delta Vacations is appealing, but I'm certainly interested in other suggestions if you have them. Our budget for flights and lodging is probably $1600, staying for five nights.
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I had a really nice time at Club Med Ixtapa.

The food was really good, the beach was super nice, there were fun activities available such as kayaking and sailboats and archery and trapeze (that I mostly couldn't take advantage of because I was there for a conference), and if you've got kids, there was a kids club thing where you could drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon and they would have lots of fun all day! And drinks are included, too, which is super nice.

(I really want to go back.---it's not an "experience Mexico" vacation, but it was super great as a relaxing vacation, anyway. And everyone there spoke English. (I'm not sure about housekeeping, actually. But my lack of Spanish just wasn't a problem.))

It looks like Delta does fly to Ixtapa/Zihuataneo. (And there's a Delta Vacations to that area, but I can't say anything about that.)
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