Looking for sturdier Kindle 7" case that can keep screen higher
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...and then fold back close when I'm done. My 1st gen tablet had a more stiff cover so the bottom half would support the kindle. I could watch movies at a higher eye level while on a treadmill or elliptical.

That company doesn't exist and the newer 7" Kindle cover I purchased along with many others I've looked at is much thinner and doesn't support the Kindle..mainly b/c most folks don't use it that way I'm guessing I do.

This is the newer case I purchased but I need this exactly...just thicker if that makes sense.

The older 1st gen case is too loose for my new Kindle plus cut the wrong way for speakers/buttons/etc. My short term idea hack is to use a piece of cardboard and clips/rubberband for backing but I would just prefer a stiffer lower cover or case. The other bonus to this query is that I can carry the 7" in my baggy gym pocket as I do weights/machine stuff. The older one has been fine..plus if I were to break it, the $45 is not a big deal to replace and I don't worry about losing my larger less portable tablet I use for work and such by bringing it to gym. If it was a home gym thing I would get a tablet mount but that is not the case.

Any thoughts? Thanks for input.
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Sorry. This is the link: here. My HTML skills are terrible.
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Hey, chicaboom, I just got a small beanbag tablet stand that I ordered specifically for my smaller kindle (but that also works for our other tablets, including full size iPad) -- and it made me remember this post. I can't really visualize how you are using it, so this may not be helpful at all as an alternative to a cover, but in case it might be, you can check etsy, ebay, amazon for "beanbag tablet" or "beanbag kindle" to see different options and sizes, or maybe make one yourself if you are handy.

The one I got is from Techsack via ebay UK, and here it is on etsy. This one is small and very, very light. I got it because I want to use it on hard surfaces like my desk, but also in bed, where I need the kindle to be positioned at an angle, which covers cannot accommodate. To give you an idea of the size of this one, here's mine with Kindle Voyage.
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