Need homemade cookies in like 4 hours
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I need to make some homemade cookies for some baby shower favors, like 15 small baggies. I have butter, maybe 2 cups of regular flour but a whole box of pancake flour, lots of Quaker oats, and enough eggs, sugar, vanilla and baking powder. Can I make something with this??

I do not have the time to go out and buy any more ingredients but maybe I can ask a neighbor for some more cups of regular flour. I also have dried cranberries and a dark chocolate bar I can cut in pieces and use for the cookies.

I prefer firmer cookies to chewier ones.
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Do you have peanut butter or almond butter?
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Do you have brown sugar?

If you have brown sugar you should be able to mix up some oatmeal cookies. Chop up the dark chocolate and toss in half the batter. Chop up the dried cranberries (or leave whole) and toss in the other half of the batter. Make 15 or 30 of each cookie, then include one or two of each kind in each bag.
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Google up recipes for "flourless peanut butter cookies" -- they're great and very simple, just egg + sugar + peanut butter (optionally add a little salt).
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Looks like these are hit and miss.
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...And you can make the recipe with almond butter too.

Also, they're good as smallish cookies too, so you can make your ingredients go farther.
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Another option - Flourless Oatmeal Cookies (
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No brown sugar. I should say I'm really not a fan of peanut butter cookies. I'd rather ask around to get some flour.
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I think if you sub white sugar for brown sugar, you'll generally be ok. It will change the texture a bit, but the recipes will still work.
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Do you have a grinder (like a coffee grinder)? Usually to make cookies I grind oatmeal in a coffee grinder and mix it with flour in order to give cookies a more interesting texture. I've done this with both quick oats and steel cut oats and it has worked out well.

What I would do is mix together ingredients (flour, oats, butter, sugar, some eggs, baking powder, vanilla) until the batter approaches cookie batter texture and then let it sit for a bit and then cook. Definitely chop up the chocolate bar and cranberries and throw them in. Also the almond butter for a good taste.

Cautionary note: I am a lazy baker and usually just throw things together and it works out.
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I think you can probably use the pancake mix if you google around for a recipe (definitely don't just sub it for flour). Example - Bisquick Chocolate Chip Cookies.
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If you have molasses, you can make your own brown sugar by combining it with white sugar (here's the instructions).

You could also try these oatmeal cookies that use oatmeal to make oat flour (no regular white flour). You could definitely sub in the chocolate chunks and/or cranberries for the raisins in the recipe with no problem.

Finally, since you have 4 hours, I would probably make 2 kinds of cookies since I think that makes goodie bags more fun. I'd do the peanut butter only because those are SO easy (you can leave them out of your personal bag if you're personally not a huge fan) and then do something like chocolate chip that just takes 2 cups flour for the other kind. Make all the cookies mini-size so each person can get a few.
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OH! Also test this with like 2 cookies of your desired size and see how they turn out, and then adjust the batter as necessary.
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If you halve the first recipe here you'll have enough flour for 2 dozen.
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By pancake flour do you mean Bisquick (or similar)? These would work. Add the cranberries and chocolate.

BTW, without brown sugar, you are going to get a crispier cookie which might not work as well for packing in bags. If you have molasses add that to approximate brown sugar. Also, butter cookies spread more than cookies made with shortening. If you have shortening on hand, use that and not the butter.
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Thanks for all the quick answers. I just got some extra flour so I'm set on that ingredient now. I'll take a look at all the suggested recipes and choose. I like aaanastasia's tip to test two cookies first and then adjust if possible.

Thanks MeFi bakers! I'll let you know how they turned out!
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Snickerdoodles if you have cinnamon
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One bowl oatmeal cookies. Calls for dried cranberries, pretty simple to make, I believe you have everything except the brown sugar, and swapping in all white shouldn't put you too far wrong.
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