Short-term Apartment Rental in SLC?
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I've been living in Salt Lake City in Airbnb's for the past couple of months, which has been great in terms of flexibility, but I'd now like to rent a place (furnished, with utilities) for a little longer - let's say 3 months. Online there's a myriad of apartment rental sites, but it's a minefield and none that I've found give me any confidence that they can provide what I'm looking for (requirements inside) - is there a particular recommended service or site for this purpose?

So I have a great Airbnb right now near Trolley Square which I got a great deal on - $1350 for the month - I think because I was the first renter. Of course, someone has already booked it for next month so I'm out on my ear Monday May 2nd. I've been moving around a lot recently, and having to find a place and up sticks every X weeks is getting old, so I'd (a) like a place for a bit longer, but (b) still have a degree of flexibility while I wait for the outcome of several job applications (i.e. in case overall job availability requires a major change of location).

I'm looking at around the $1600 p/m mark, and am not looking to share. I understand that Airbnb will let me rent places for 3 month periods, but most places have some booking at some point within those 3 months which throws a wrench in those works. I see that there's lots of places up for grabs for summer in Park City, but I took a spin up there and it's not really my scene, it's a bit of commute if I land a gig in SLC, and at the moment I'm regularly running City Creek and would like to keep that going if possible (having a Trader Joe's nearby is cool too). It also looks like converted basements is a thing here, and maybe I'm a bit mad, but I tend to spend a lot of time indoors and can't help but feel that renting a basement would be a bit like being held captive (I shouldn't have watched that drama on the BBC about the girl kidnapped for 13 years), but moreover I think I would possibly go even a bit more mad if I didn't have some sort of decent window that I could observe the world from without having to stand on a ladder.

TL;DR - where could I find a short term, furnished apt in SLC with utilities that's just a normal apt with windows and wifi and close-ish to the city - or is Airbnb the thing I'm already looking for, and I'm just being a Picky McPickerson?
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Most apartment complexes have furnished units that they rent out for Extended Stay call around and see what there is. Another option is Motel 6 Studio, which have kitchenettes.

Also, look for Corporate Housing, they tend to offer furnished units for months at a time. Here's one called Corporate Housing by Owner. Looks...interesting.

But honestly, if there's a Studio 6 near you, I'd go that route.
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