Jewish (?) rhyme about matrilinearity
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Trying to remember a little rhyme I heard a while ago about matrilinearity.

This is one of those I-can't-believe-I'm-wasting-an-ask-in-this-but-my-google-fu-is-failing-me asks.

Talking with a friend about a kid that looks nothing like her parents I was reminded of having heard a rhyme that, I believe, I heard a few times from the mouth of Jewish people (probably on TV or movies) to justify matrilinearity by saying we know who the mother is but we can't be sure about the father.

But I can't remember the words!

It was said jokingly, so of course it's not a quote from the Torah or anything like that, but the fact that I recall hearing it in a few different instances makes me believe it is a thing, a meme in the proper sense of the word if you mean.

It was just two lines, the first one about the mother, the second about the father.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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"Mother's baby, father's maybe"?
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What was it, ten seconds? I knew it was silly simple and I should have remembered it...

I thought it had better grammar, but that's definitely it.


Now to wait a week for something more important I had to ask...
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I heard it as Mommy, baby, daddy, maybe.
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