Ridiculously Insignificant prize for Rock Paper Scissors competition.
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I get to lead a rousing game of team-building Rock Paper Scissors next week at work. Looking for clever ideas for a prize.

This is the variation where the loser stands behind the winner and cheers them on in their next round, repeated until the whole room is just two crowds of people standing behind the final duelers for the final showdown.

As part of the fun, I'm supposed to give out a "ridiculously insignificant" prize. It should be cheap, maybe funny, could be desirable but doesn't have to be. I technically only need one prize for the actual winner, but if there is a related very cheap thing to give out to 50-100 people, I could do that too.

I've actually searched AskMe for this and found phunniemee's suggestion of a bedazzled pair of gloves. I may use that, but there won't be a Loser to contrast it with, so I might not. The "Yout Ried" gloves are actually the funniest part of that suggestion.

I've thought about a fake rock, but my team actually has one of those that says "You Rock" that we compete for every two weeks in our project meetings. I've already asked, and the leaders of that competition won't give it up.

Other ideas?

(if you are going to post that "nobody likes dumb prizes", I already know that. It's just for fun and to rouse up the crowd for a boring Director's Meeting. The prize is more for the room energy and group entertainment than it is for the individual winner. We give monetary prizes for people who do good work.)
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Hostess snack cakes? A really nice pastry from a fancy pastry shop? A movie sized box of candy.

A Magic 8 Ball!
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Origami paper with a little how-to book?
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How insignificant/small does the prize need to be? I'm imagining something mildly practical and relevant like the winner choosing between a pair of scissors, a decorative desk rock and a set of post it notes.

(this is exactly the kind of dry humour I find silly and amusing though)
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A pair of scissors. The second place gets a piece of paper.
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Nothing says "insignificant yet fun" quite like a cheap paper hat in the shape of a crown.
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Get three canvas panels and three colors of paint.

Dip the winner's hand in a paint. Smash a flat handprint onto a canvas. That's "paper." With another color and the second canvas, smash a fist down for "rock." With the third color, make the "scissors."
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To expand on eisforcool's suggestion; first place gets a pair of scissors, second place gets a pad of post-its, third gets a small rock...

Or is it, first get the rock, second gets the paper, third gets the scissors... huh, maybe a contest of some sort is in order... :-)
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Yeah, I think the winner should get a literal rock, paper, and scissors. You could spend a few dollars and actually get a nice or cute pair of scissors, and then just a standard sheet of A4 paper and any old rock to round it out.
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How about a self-made trophy/plaque which involves an actual rock, sheet of paper and pair of scissors?
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Supplies and instructions for an origami rock. One piece of paper. One small pair of scissors.

1. Cut paper into bizzarly intricate shape. (have lots of instructions on how to cut the paper)
... More cutting
...more cutting
17. Crumple paper into ball/rock.
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The best White Elephant/insignificant gift I've ever had at an office party was a tongue-in-cheek framed photo of the CEO. Granted, this requires a healthy working environment (and a boss with a sense of humor) to be successful.
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A tiny but fancy bottle of hand lotion? A pair of sweatbands for their wrists, or even a single one? (Because they are a hand athlete.)
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The rock, paper, and scissors should be described in glowing superlatives as professional level equipment that will improve the winner's game immeasurably. For examples, scan marketing language for golf clubs.

Be sure to emphasize how this will raise the player well above rank amateurs who try to play with only crude hand gestures, and so will never be able to play at a professional level.
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A glove with the word "Champion" on it. You can get a basic cloth glove and some metallic fabric pens at most craft stores.
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Could you get a small cheap shadow box, and mount a pair of scissors --- the rounded little ones that kindergartners use --- and a rock on a sheet of wrinkled paper?
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I know you have the "you rock" rock already, but this is so perfect.
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Ream of copier paper, pair of Fiskars, and a Pet Rock.
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Yodeling pickle
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A poster of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!
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A Coconut.

You can write the winner's name and the date on it & make it a "trophy" that get's awarded in subsequent competitions.
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A USB Pet Rock for the winner, then go to the nearest dollar store and buy a bag of decorative pebbles for the loser. All rocks should have a pair of googley eyes glued on. Pet rocks for all!
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Ceremonial scissors? For example http://www.ceremonialscissors.com/index.php - might be out of your budget range though?
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This is what Archie McPhee exists for. Here are the search results for "fingers". Depending on your office culture, perhaps the terrifying yet intriguing finger tentacles? An array of novelty bandages for all those imaginary paper cuts?
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Could this totally adorable Rock Paper Scissors Anti-Bullying Video somehow figure into your event? It's just so well-done.
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A tchotchke. Any tchotchke.
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I am so excited to be watching this thread and see all these great ideas. Now I have to decide just how far "out there" I am willing to go with this. Thanks.
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How about this mug that expresses the enthusiasm we all feel for work.
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The Fake Tears handkerchief from the same store might also be a good choice. But not if the prize is going to get reused.
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Thanks for these ideas - all of them were great. I've marked the ones that I am going to use. I ordered the inspirational desk set but I'm not sure it will get here in time. So I went looking, using the hat as a sample, and I found a t-shirt that says "let's settle this like adults" with the RPS hands on it.
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