Road Food Montreal-Boston?
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Where's some good eats on the drive from Montreal to Boston? I looked at Chowhound, but the posts all seem to be 7+ years old. Where have all the chowhounds gone?

I'm up for anything: amazing sandwich place, Tex Mex, etc. What's your favorite stop, and why?

My crew probably won't want to go very far off the main route because we're on a business trip (PAX East!).

I assume we're taking 89 as it's the shortest route.
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Best answer: I don't have a whole lot of experience eating along 89, but I did have my socks knocked off by Lala's Hungarian Pastry in Manchester, NH, once upon a time. It's got a lot of awesome baked goods, but there is also a great menu of Eastern European meals as well. The stuffed cabbage was excellent.

Not sure how you'll get into the city of Boston, but a quick stop off the intersection of 95 and I-90 will take you to Blue Ribbon BBQ in West Newton, which is every kind of awesome.
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Best answer: The Worthy Burger is about halfway between 'em, off of 89 in Royalton. It's maybe 4-5 miles off the highway. But it'd be a worthy destination from either city, to be totally honest.
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(The stretch of 89 from White River Junction to Manchester is a bit of a wasteland -- or at least it's always struck me as such -- so stopping sooner might be a good bet.)
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Best answer: Prohibition Pig, in Waterbury, is also delicious. It's a little closer to 89 but would come earlier on your trip.
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Here to suggest Pro Pig as well.
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Maybe this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but whenever I make that drive, the Ben & Jerry's factory is my one stop.
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Best answer: Prohibition Pig is pretty solid, and has a great beer list (sorry DD!). Also can have ridiculous waits, though. The Middlesex VT exit imagine to Red Hen Bakery, and Nutty Steph's chocolate makers, which may not fill you up (though RH makes some sandwiches and stuff), but is a really nice pitstop if you decide to eat actual food later.
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Best answer: Worthy Burger is good if you like good beer and localvore food. If five miles is too far to get off the highway my town (Randolph, Exit four in VT) has a similar place with a LOT of local taps, good atmosphere, similar and more varies menu and about the same prices. It's called One Main. If you like slightly more shishi food and want wine and not beer, The Black Krim is right around the corner. Both are two miles off of the highway. If you check them on Yelp you'll probably see me in the reviews. Both have opened in the past few years so not as well-covered as other places. I do agree, between WRJ and Manchester there is not much of anything.

I also like Yama in Lebanon NH which is Korean + sushi. There's also Cockadoodle Pizza in Bethel VT a family pizza place if you are traveling with kids that has great pizza, fun things for kids to do, good local beers (though smaller selection) and an ice cream counter.

Check hours for every place in Vermont, everyone seems to go to sleep here at like 8:30. Also check to see if One Main has live music. It's cool when they do but there is less seating and the place can get loud and it's worth knowing if that;'s not your thing.
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All of these places except the Lebanon one are about three-ish hours outside of Boston depending on traffic. Yama is about 2:30.
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Best answer: I have heard good things about Worthy Burger. But in defense of I-89 in New Hampshire, I have had good food at both the Salt Hill Pub (Lebanon) and the Schoolhouse Cafe (Warner).
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Response by poster: Oh - we are driving during the day! So many of these wonderful places don't open till 3 or 4!
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Best answer: Saap is a new Thai place in Randolph (Exit 4 off of 89) that is not your average Thai place and also had a great beer menu. They just started being open for lunch.
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Best answer: Three Penny Taproom, Skinny Pancake and The Mad Taco, all in Montpelier, are excellent lunch/midday dining options.

Prohibition Pig is great, but Tuesday-Thursday it's not open until 4pm.

Worthy Burger is fantastic and totally worth the detour, but not open until 3pm unless you go on the weekend.
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