Finding an article about voting restrictions in New York
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I'm trying to find a recent article/blog post that argued that the reason New York has relatively restrictive policies for voting is because the state votes reliably Democratic and there isn't a need to expand voting access. Did anyone see this? Within the last two weeks.

The main thesis is that the fight to expand access to voting is generally a partisan effort by Democrats, but since the Democratic party already overwhelming wins New York, they have not bothered to expand voting access. Can someone provide me a link? Or, if you have a memory of where this ran or who might have written it, it would help with my search.

I'm not looking for the articles about how the establishment of both parties has an incentive to make voting difficult.
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Was it this one from the Atlantic? The Effects of New York's Restrictive Voting Laws

Relevant quote:
But Jackie Salit, the president of, said Democrats are equally to blame for antiquated laws aimed at preserving the two-party system. “The political parties in New York have the state on lockdown, and they’re very committed to protecting that,” Salit said.
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Josh Marshall's 'New York, We Suck'?
Basically the entire movement to make voting easier and especially make it easier for people who might have issues with scheduling or have a hard time getting off from work ... well, that's just passed us by. And the answer is pretty obvious. No one has any particular incentive to get more people to turn out because New York isn't a presidential swing state.... You could even go further. No one even cares about suppressing our vote!
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Thanks, holgate, that's the one.
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