What would a bag like this be used for?
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I am attending a conference and the swag bag we received is not similar to anything I can remember seeing before. Images of bag. The only hint I have is that the theme is "going for the gold" with some Olympic overtones.

The bag is nylon.
Inside there a plastic panels on each side.
It is a logo promotional bag so no manufacturer tag.
This is a technical conference but the bag does not seem like any computer bag I've seen.

Height ~16"
Depth ~9"
Width ~12"
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It looks like a bag made to fit into a gym locker. Consistent with the Olympic overtones. It is a workout bag.
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It's a gym bag. Side vertical opening to insert shoes, loops for bottles, etc. and sized to fit into a gym locker.
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Gym Bag, although you could probably pack a nice picnic in it.
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Looks like it could hold two bottles of wine quite nicely.
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Locker bag. It opens that way so that you can access everything without emptying the bag. Also, I think the grommet opening at the top is there to let some air into the bag so your sweaty gear doesn't get mildew.
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Looks like it's this one:

Our locker bag is designed to fit into a standard gym locker. Features an interior shelf that allows you to keep your clothes separate from your shoes and dirty clothes. Inner side pockets for locker room essentials as well as an exterior water bottle holder. Entire bag is collapsible to make for easy storage. Made of 600D polyester.

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Looks like one of those bags that are shaped and lined to put boxed meals in like from special diet delivery services that do fresh paleo gluten free stuff.

I have a gym locker bag and it looks nothing like that.
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Looks like redsparkler's got it, but I agree that it looks good for holding wine and I might use it for a picnic at the Hollywood Bowl or another summer's evening event with snacks.
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