Where can I rent a wheelchair in Corvallis, Oregon?
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My wife, mother-in-law, and I will be flying to Corvallis in June to attend my daughter's graduation from Oregon State. We now have need to use a wheelchair for my MiL while there. We're willing to rent, borrow, whatever. What are my options?

My Mother in Law fell at the start of the month (nothing broken, but she has pain and is much less mobile than before). She is using a walker now, but we feel things would go easier if we could have access to a wheelchair for the weekend to help get her around.

While we do have a wheelchair here at home, we don't want to deal with the hassle of checking it for the flight or possibly have it damaged while we're traveling.

We are in Oregon June 10-12, flying into PDX and driving to Corvallis. Getting a chair in Portland or Corvallis is fine, as long as we can return it on Sunday before we leave.
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Call the university's disability office; they should be able to help you out for a few days and if not, they'll point you in the right direction.
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Best answer: Just a note about traveling with a chair - people do it all the time. She will probably need/want it for getting around the airport - it's safer and easier to get assistance for than a walker. Generally when checking in the chair is noted. You want it "gate checked" - it gets used past the gate, tagged and there's a transfer where the gate meets the plane. The skinny chair the flight attendant uses to wheel down the aisle is often called a Napoleon chair or aisle chair.
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When we needed a wheelchair for a month or two, we were referred to the local Elk's club. Not sure if they could handle more shorter term lending.
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mce is spot on.

Also, look into thrift stores (Religious ministry/Salvation army - NOT Goodwill) in the destination area. It's been my experience that most will have gently used wheelchairs for $20-50. You can find the shops online, verify they have one and even buy it before you get to town. Then pick it up, and on your way back out of town, drop it back off at the thrift store.

You pick up a charitable deduction FTW!
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sandra_s is on the money. we ran into sort of the opposite problem a few months ago. my father-in-law died and we were hoping to donate his wheelchair to someone like Goodwill or the like. We were told that, for liability reasons, they were not able or willing to take the chair because they'd have problems selling it. We then found out that many churches, or other community-based organizations, will happily take them. so, call around, get a line on a chair for the weekend, and then "donate" it back. a small donation to the organization might be in order.
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Response by poster: It's been a month, and good news is my Mother in Law is healing up nicely, now just needing a cane (and a lot of time) to get around. While I marked the best answer as "just travel with the chair" we're going to leave ours at home and use airport services to get to and from the gate. We think she can manage with the cane the other times.
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