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Because we all have busy lives, I don't often get to see my family on their birthdays or at xmas. I love sending email gift cards, but I'm running out of good stores to send cards from, and it won't be as fun if I just send the same ones every year. Share your awesome gift card secrets with me!

My family members tend to like creative, crafty, DIY, nerdy, kooky stuff - they are all really smart, love to build stuff, and appreciate a good sense of humour. Mostly looking for places that deliver to Canada, but we all travel to the States sometimes, so that's alright too. Recipients include a teacher, a cop, a university student, and 2 teenagers.

cards I have sent previously that went over well:

EB games
Lee Valley Tools

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The Vermont Country Store!
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Uncommon Goods
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Lehman's, Hammacher Schlemmer, LL Bean, Bass Pro, or other stores that still print physical catalogs that can actually be included in the package with the gift card.
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Archie McPhee
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Archie McPhee was the first place I thought of, but they don't deliver internationally, so unless you're planning a visit to Seattle, they won't work.
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good stuff! thanks! keep it coming!
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so I gave my sister-in-law an etsy gift certificate and she was totally over the moon. she got a necklace with fairy wings on it!
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