Which couch fabrics stay cool in summertime?
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I have a scratchy-bum cotton and who-knows-what-other-material couch I purchased at Goodwill many years ago. It sure was a steal, but now when it is hot in the summer, it's absolutely painful to sit in.

I know I can research what fabrics stay cool (silk?) but if there's a silk couch somewhere, I'll be dag-nabbed if I could afford it -- plus, I'm guessing couch materials are woven to be heavy and durable, attributes that probably trap heat in, but maybe there was once an upholsterer in the Deep South who had a big idea...?

Thank you!
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I am sitting on a leather couch (which I received for free.) It's pretty much the only object in my house that I can tolerate sitting on year-round. Bonus: when I've lived with cats it accumulated exactly zero cat hairs.
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yes, our leather couch is my napping spot year round and it stays delightfully cool in warm weather. not sure how it would do for a high-humidity heat though...
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I have the opposite experience with leather. Boiling hot in summer and freezing in the winter - you pretty much had to be sitting with a sheet or a blanket on top of it year round.

My couch right now is microfiber and is very comfy.
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I google-imaged "tropical furniture" and saw a lot of wicker. Don't know if that helps, but the wicker structure should allow for cooling air flow and also wicker furniture seems to be inexpensive.
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I would look for a smooth cotton fabric, perhaps even a polished cotton.
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Leather in HUMID heat is miserable. Perhaps if you live in a place where it's hot but more dry....
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Elderly cotton velvet is nice year round, if you have access to old couches.
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linen blend or linen, or a very smooth cotton.
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I have aleather couch and while I love it for its ease of cleaning, yeah, here in Seattle its hot and clammy! I don't entertain so I don't care who is looking at it but I resorted to using a spare fitted bed sheet made of cotton as a sofa cover in the summers to make it bearable.
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In the tropics we had rattan furniture with cushions wrapped in a very smooth cotton, like sheets. They were accordingly cool to sit on, also like sheets.
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My sister recovered her couch in polished cotton and it always felt cool to the touch to me, like sheets. It does show dirt, though, so she got a rather busy pattern.
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Our alcantara couch feels very much like suede, but stays comfortable in hot or cold weather.
It's a synthetic. It's a durable material, resists stains well, and so has been used in higher-end car seating lately. Wish my car had it rather than leather! Good luck.
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If the sofa is otherwise cozy, I'd get an all-cotton slipcover for it. Most sofa fabrics are a mystery to me; I end up assuming most people enjoy wearing trousers 24/7 much more than I do. But a washable soft cotton -- ahhhh. Like a lot of things it just gets better and better with each wash.

"The fabric is particularly comfortable in hot weather" says one review on these LL Bean ones which are very similar to what I have.
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