How does our (potential new) Indiana neighborhood skew politically?
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I've lived in the same neighborhood for more than 15 years and am currently negotiating a move to a new less-known-to-me neighborhood in Indianapolis. I'm curious about how the new neighborhood leans politically. I seem to remember seeing a color-coded map of how Indiana's voting districts/polling places voted in the last general election, but am now unable to find it. Any suggestions on how to find this data?
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Where in Indianapolis are you moving to?
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Try looking here.
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You might try looking at which candidates receive contributions from your new your zip code. You can look that up here.
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The Stanford Election Atlas will give you a visual overview of the 2008 presidential election by precinct. They don't seem to have data for 2012, though. The Marion County election board also has past election results by precinct, though the data's in Excel rather than on a map. You can find the precinct by entering the address into the voter information portal there on the clerk's web site.
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Thanks, all. Through your answers I was able to find the information I was seeking!
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