Pineapple + Tequila Cocktail Ideas
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I have a fresh pineapple, a bottle of tequila, and a fairly well-stocked kitchen (and ability to run to the store). What cocktail should I make?
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A 'pineapple margarita' recipe handed down to me:

* Rocks glass, filled 2/3 of the way with ice.
* 1 measure silver tequila
* 1/2 measure Grand Marnier

Pour above into glass, stir.


* 1/2 measure fresh lime juice
* Add pineapple juice (or very liquidy purée, usually requires blending with canned pineapple juice) to taste
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You can make a Matador Norteño and sub tequila for the sotol (or mezcal, if you have it). When I make it I cut the syrup in half.
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Add something green/herbaceous? Pineapple plays very nicely with jalapeno (e.g. pineapple-jalapeno margaritas) and mint (e.g. pineapple-mint mojitos - this one would likely go just as well with tequila in place of the flavored rum).
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My summer go-to drink is a Paloma, except I like mine low-rent-style with cheap store-brand grapefruit soda (or, in my house, Fresca, or for parties this type of "Italian" blood orange soda).

Anyway, I would drink any of the above versions with fresh pineapple and/or blended with frozen chunks of frozen fresh pineapple.
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Do you have any dry cider? Because what we are literally at this moment enjoying is dry cider with a shot of mezcal in it and some fresh mango chunks (I guess I could have muddled the mango but whatever still tasty) and it is damn good. So a play on that, maybe.
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Pineapple also plays really really really nicely with tarragon or fennel. I'm thinking... Juice half your pineapple. The other half, slice into nice pieces and fry in butter until nicely caramelized. Drain and chill.

Make a tarragon syrup--usual simple syrup style, 2:1 granulated sugar:water, boiled until dissolved. Throw tarragon or fennel in while cooking. Steep, strain, cool.

2oz tequila, .5oz syrup, splash of juice. Shake over ice and serve with a piece of caramelized pineapple.
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¡Pineapple Jalapeño Margaritas!
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The only tequila + pineapple drink I'm seeing in the PDT app is an El Burro, which looks like a Mexican-themed take on a Moscow Mule. More background on the drink here. I have not tried one myself, though it looks tasty.
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Got a grill? This grilled pineapple margarita is one of my favorite things.
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Thanks everyone! I ended up making BrandonW's cocktail because we had everything for that on hand (so yummy!), but I will be keeping this list for the future. :)
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