The When Harry Met Sally of Books
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Give me your best books featuring a male/female friendship that turns romantic or has romantic undertones. Can be funny or tragic, main plot or subplot, old or new book or characters. Doesn't have to end with them together. It just needs to be a GOOD read.

I've already read all of Austen. Many thanks!
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I really liked One Day by David Nicholls.
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The Menace From Earth -- 1957 Heinlein short story.
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Love Warps The Mind A Little by John Dufresne.
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Red Sky at Morning, a young adult (but totally enjoyable for adults) novel set in a small New Mexico town during WWII. Very very funny, poignant as well. Sometimes billed as being like Catcher in the Rye, but it isn't like that at all - the main character isn't alienated from his peers, he has great friends of many ages, particularly one like the one you asked about.
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I love the blossoming friendships and clear-eyed depiction of the ambiguities of love explored in Dodie Smith's I Capture the Castle
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Possession by A.S. Byatt

And if you're interested in YA fiction, there's Philip Pullmans His Dark Materials trilogy.
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Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy.
Adam Bede by George Eliot.
Both novels feature independent women whose situations, in terms of marriage, are complicated by the fact that they have traditionally male responsibilities. In the Hardy novel, Bathsheba Everdeen is left her late uncle's farm and decides to run it herself. In the Eliot novel, Dinah Morris resists marriage because she doesn't want to compromise her calling as a Methodist preacher (she is modeled on Eliot's aunt, also a preacher).
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I really enjoyed the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes books by Laurie King. It takes quite some time for the romance to blossom.
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possession by as byatt is an oldie but goodie.
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O Pioneers! by Willa Cather.
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Strong Poison - Dorothy L. Sayers
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The Decent Proposal has two male-female friendships that turn romantic and is billed as "Jane Austen in LA". I think that's overstating its quality, but I still enjoyed it. The hook is two strangers who are set up by a mysterious rich person who will pay them a million dollars if they meet up for two hours every week for a year, so there is a little bit of mystery mixed in with the romance. There is also a lot of rhapsodizing about Los Angeles.
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I liked Pedal by a friend Louis K. Lowy. Mostly about a woman who is fired at 49 and finds renewal in bicycle racing, it has a nice subplot about a friendship which leads to romance.
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Dorothy Sayers more or less managed this with Lord Peter Wimsey from Strong Poison through Have His Carcase and then Gaudy Night and Busman’s Honeymoon. Some of her other Wimsey novels didn’t involve the detective being in love, but that sequence did.

Arguably the Cormoran Strike series is going a similar way, but that’s still in progress.
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In The Woods by Tana French
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A Patchwork Planet. Very Jane Austeny theme.
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Speaking of Jane Austin: Emma has a realization at the end.
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The Royal We. (It is like fan-fic for Will and Kate)
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Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin
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North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell if you're a fan of Victorian Literature.
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Villette by Charlotte Bronte!
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Thank you everybody! And I second the rec for Into the Woods. Can't wait to get started on the rest of these.
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