is there an affordable way to get a membership at Corepower Yoga studios
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I bought a Groupon for a month's membership and, as it comes to an end, I'm kind of shocked at the regular price options on Corepower's web site. Is there a less expensive option that anyone's aware of?
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I've seen the occasional discount on Instagram or around New Years. Yeah, they're expensive.
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Is there a reason you're married to Corepower Yoga? Yoga studios are pretty ubiquitous in most US cities and there are a lot of affordable options. A lot of yoga studios have a "community class" time that is free or "pay what you can", though you have less flexibility on when to go or what style of yoga it is. If you're in New York or San Francsico, there are even studios that operate entirely on a sliding scale.

While I get that Corepower Yoga is built around a fitness model of yoga rather than a relaxing/meditative/spiritual model, this is true for a LOT of yoga studios at all price ranges all over the US. From a quick perusal of the Corepower website, the only difference I can see between what they do and almost any other more fitness oriented studio is the use of light free-weights. But to be honest, as a frequent practitioner of yoga, I don't know if that's so important that you need to pay more to experience it. Couldn't you just do yoga with weights at home?
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They're having a $139/month sale now; that's a bargain for any regular yoga-goer.
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How often do you think you'll be attending classes, really, once your month's membership comes to an end? Do you work out/exercise in other ways? I ask because I really love Corepower's yoga sculpt classes and I go once, maybe twice per week. But I also run (for free, outside) and go to a gym (for a pretty cheap monthly cost) and I find that if I buy the 10-class pass at Corepower it can sometimes last me a few months, and there is no expiration date on when I need to use those 10 classes.

The monthly membership fee is really tough to justify unless you go several times a week. If you're going to go that often, the monthly fee makes sense. Just know that you don't have to commit to a membership - you can still have the little keychain fob/pass thing and just load it up with a set number of classes.
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I know a few friends who volunteer to help clean up the studio after a class or come by to help clean and they get a discount on their CorePower membership. I can't recall what it is, but it seemed relatively significant because we're all poor grad students. This is for studios in Minneapolis though, not sure if it would be the same where you are.
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my friend kept on signing up for the 1 week free pass--don't know if she did it at different locations or not, till she was forced to buy the membership. So I guess in the short-run... it saves some $$$ You didn't hear this from me though. :p
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My friend did the "work for trade" program at CPY. He was there doing mostly cleaning things for 3 hours a week and got unlimited free yoga in return.
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