New(ish) Soul(ish) Music Recommendations
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I'm in need of some new additions to my kitchen dancing playlists. Who should I be listening to?

What I'm looking for:
  • Mid-to-up-tempo and danceable.
  • Soul or soul-influenced rock/pop.
  • From the past 15 years.
  • Horns. Lots of horns.
Bonus points for:
  • Female fronted groups.
  • Bari sax.
Some examples of what's currently scratching this itch: Thanks, hivemind!
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Oh. You need Alabama Shakes in your life.
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Vintage Trouble.
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Probably more funk than soul, but Carles Bradley - Ain't it a Sin is good stuff, another guy from the Daptone crew. The rest of his new album, Changes, has more horns, but it's also slower.
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Also probably not a perfect fit: Jack White with the Muppets - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (first link: from The Muppets; second link: full studio version).
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Best answer: Lake Street Dive.
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Best answer: Hey, first answer with my brand-new account. Signed up on the recommendation of my wife.

One of the best new soul guys is a French singer who calls himself Ben L'Oncle Soul. He does the best cover of 'Seven Nation Army' ever.

Also, horns. His band smokes.
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Also Alan Stone
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Best answer: One more: Grace Love & the True Loves
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Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment. (highlight is Sunday Candy)
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A mixture of motown/soul, but check out JD McPherson--especially Let the Good Times Roll and North Side Gal
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Best answer: I've got a great response to this one! There's this ten-piece band called The Suffers coming out of Houston, where I live, and they've really taken off recently. The music scene down here is surprisingly tight-knit, and I have to say it's been delightful to watch and support their growth over the past few years. They call themselves 'gulf coast soul,' and it's really groovy, proud, and passionate, easy to listen to, full of great loud/soft dynamics... totally struck me as my personal 'right answer' for your inquiry.

Check out their new record (a Spotify link for you there!) and a brief review of it here. Also, please feel free to check out this amazing KEXP performance just recently, if you'd prefer getting a feel for a band's character through their live shows.

I'd be surprised if you didn't love it! Big yeses to it being danceable; also to horns, baritone sax, and female-fronted vocals.
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Whole heartedly seconding Lake Street Dive.
Alice Russell she actually does my favourite Seven Nation Army cover.
Kylie Auldist
Nikka Costa
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The Suffers! Yay!
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Noora Noor
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Response by poster: I marked a few best answers, but this was all pretty much right on the money. Thanks for all the great suggestions!
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