Does this app exist?
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I want to drive around my city while an app tracks my route. As I pass certain buildings, I want to be able to touch a button that marks that location on the route, so that I can find those landmarks again later. Does something like this exist?

I did some searching and found several GPS-type apps, but I'm not sure any of them have this location-marking feature.
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doesn't google maps with the "add placemark" pretty much do that ? (ok, it's a bit more than "touch a button" but .. )
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US Top Maps pro version has a track function that lets you waymark and name points marked. Tells direction, speed, elapsed time, and altitude. You can either do track or a planned route. Has a ton of maps and can do overlay.
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You can use a fitness tracking app like Runkeeper to track your route and take photos along it. I've never used the photo feature, but I would assume that the photos will show up in the location where you took them on their web interface. It might be fiddly to do while you're driving. Another one is EveryTrail which may have the feature without photos (it's more of a hiking app).

If you don't want to go to the trouble of taking a photo, the keyword you should use for searching the App Store is "waypoint". Here's one called GPS Tracks.
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ok, it's a bit more than "touch a button" but
If the user is driving, it needs to be no more complicated than touching a button. IFTTT has an app called IF that lets you hit a button and then do one of many things with it. You can have it email you a list of all the locations where you hit the button at the end of the day, for example, or add the coordinates to a Google Spreadsheet. This would be separate from an app that tracked your route, but it wouldn't be too hard to combine the data.
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I've used Rego for this.
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Look at Galileo Pro
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If you take a picture the gps of the photo is usually saved. If you are using Google, and saving the photos to the cloud, then go to your and click on the "i" to see info and the location on the map.
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