Can I create a log or index of emails by sender, in Gmail?
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As it says up top, I'm looking to create a simple list of emails by sender, that would include date and time, but exclude message contents and probably subject lines, for brevity and privacy. A couple more desiderata below the fold.

I'm applying for a residence card in the UK and must prove that my spouse and I remained in contact during brief (2-3 month) periods we were apart over the last several years. We mostly communicated via Skype and email, but we've both gotten new computers in the past year (and discarded the old ones) and thus have no access to Skype databases from the time we were apart (~3 years ago).

The only other proof of ongoing communication during times we were apart is email, so I'd like to create a list of emails sent to and from my spouse. I've searched for some sort of app or extension that would let me do this, but I've not found anything. The only thing I've come up with is searching the inbox for emails with spouse's username, but then we include the subject line, and first line of conversation, which I'd like to exclude. And because it's for a highly-scrutinized visa application, I'd like it to be as authentic as possible (e.g., actually from Gmail, rather than just a spreadsheet I create by hand). I feel like it should be easy to create this sort of index, but not sure how.

Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated. (And if you know a way to access those old Skype databases without the original computers, that's helpful too!) Thanks!
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With a browser Gmail session open to your search result (from:spouse), open an empty notepad and size that to cover up whatever you want from the subject and first line column of the search results. Write in Notepad: "Obscured for privacy". Then take a screenshot.
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Dashy's is a better idea than mine, but in case it's useful: in Gmail settings, toward the bottom of the General section, you can turn off "snippets" which'll hide the first line of conversation (but still leave the subject line visible).
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Take a look through these Google results.
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This would be extremely simple in Google Apps Script, but then it isn't going too look like Gmail.

Could you use a mail client like Thunderbird, in which you can presumably change the columns that are displayed?
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