Seattle area weekend breakfast sports bar?
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On April 17, M's pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma faces Yankees starter and former NPB teammate Masahiro Tanaka at Yankee Stadium. I would like to watch this game, which is in New York and starts at 10:05a Seattle time on a Sunday, out of the house. Any suggestions?

Hoped-for venues include a Japanese eatery (unlikely at this hour, alas - the best place to watch this would be the bar at Maneki) or a sports bar that opens early for weekend breakfast trade.

I have spoken with a young woman at Boud's Pinehurst Pub, which opens at 9a weekends for breakfast, but she was diffident about the viewing opportunities. It struck me that Seattle MeFi may have some good suggestions. Any ideas?

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The only place I'm absolutely sure would be open and have the game on would be Stout at 11th and Pine on Capitol Hill. They open for breakfast at 9 on the weekends.
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You might be able to do Kangaroo and Kiwi in Ballard - they do have brunch (with bottomless mimosas) and they do cover sports in the morning. It's a quiet rugby weekend and Aussie rules runs earlier, so Mariners should get at least one TV at the very least.
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The Westy in West Seattle is the un-bro-iest sports bar ever and it serves breakfast.
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Clever Dunne's on Capitol Hill recently (February?) began serving brunch from 10am Sundays, and nobody knows about it yet so it doesn't have a crowd.
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+1 to Stout. It opens at 9 and they have every channel. If the game is airing, they'll find it for you. I go there regularly to watch east coast games on the weekend and the staff is super friendly and accommodating. Check in advance to see if that game will be an alternate game. We went in to watch the Sox last Sunday and it just wasn't airing at all.
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Fremont Dock is the usual destination for my Sunday soccer team if we have an early game and finish before other options open, since most of us live north of the canal. It is a sports bar that is certain to have the game on, and it has good breakfast food for a sports bar.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! A Yelper suggested the Bridge in West Seattle too.

I'll run the suggestions by my bud and see what happens. Clever Dunne used to have breakfast back they first opened (full-on Irish breakfast with black pudding even) and it was a favorite place.

We're all northenders now and Fremont is likely to be the farthest we'll jaunt. However, keep 'em coming if you got 'em - there is utility in this thread beyond my immediate need.

(A couple of acceptable if not-hip sportsbars that are not open early on a Sunday in the North: The House (now apparently "The Hound's Tooth"?) in Greenwood - excellent beer selection - and The Ram in Northgate Mall. The House is actually my favorite place for TV sports due to their media wall when it's not overwhelmingly crowded. It runs pretty bro-heavy, though.)
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I would park my butt in the bar at Toulouse Petite or it's equally good neighbor (same owner), Peso's , which each serve an awesome breakfast (and lunch, and dinner.) I'd also consider the 5 Spot or Rookie's. 5 Spot is more of a great breakfast spot with big TV, Rookie's is more of a sports bar with decent breakfast.
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Response by poster: Aren't you in Shoreline? Anything up there?
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Response by poster: Wait, Houndstooth is the new place at the corner of 85th and Greenwood, not a rebranding of The House. I think. How they managed not to lose a window in the blast is beyond me.
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Oh, further north? How about Bad Albert's ? I'd suggest Atlantic Crossing too but you'll need to check with them on whether they are showing something so Yank as the Yankees that AM.
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Are you in Shoreline? If so, you want Jersey's, by city hall. I can recommend the quesadillas, and the Key Lime pie. Very friendly staff who I'm sure would turn the TV to the game, if it wasn't already on.
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Jerseys does open at 9 am on weekends. I don't see any breakfast items on their menu. You might want to call and see what they'll feed you.
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Response by poster: OK, I just called Jersey's. They do have breakfast on the weekend. It's maybe a little *farther* north than would be ideal (anywhere between 90th and 160th would have been preferable), but it fits every one of my featureset needs.

Go M's!
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Response by poster: Jersey's was acceptable. Service was amazingly slow but not otherwise problematic, it seems like they needed two servers and just had one person working. It was not crowded at all. Forgot to take a pic of the breakfast menu. Pretty standard fare. It included the not-always-there in the PNW biscuits and gravy as well as chicken fried steak. Tried the B&G, it was fine.

(also, the House is indeed now Hound's Tooth - the new place down the block at 85th and Greenwood is called The Lodge.)
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