Some way to send automatic email notifications via Google?
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I became cognizant recently that you can put reminders on your calendar in Google, and these reminders will notify you when it's time to get a task done. However, they remind you by flashing a notification on the browser, assuming that you have Google Calendar open in the browser. I'd like it if Google sent me an email reminder for tasks instead. Is there any way to set this up?

I'm more likely to see the email reminder than the notification flashing on my browser, in my experience.
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If you click "add a notification" on an individual calendar item, there's a drop-down where you can choose Pop-Up (the notification you're seeing) or email.

If you want to do it universally rather than by event, it's in Settings > Calendars > {your calendar name] > Event Notifications > Notify me via {pop-up/email}
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Urgh, sorry, that's for calendar items, not reminders. Bad skimmer, no cookie.
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Hmmm...I've been using Checker Plus for Google Calendar, and it's been a great help. It will do many different types of notifications (pop up, voice, even sending a text), but I am not seeing an option for email notification. The developer is very responsive and eager to add features, so it's possible if you require email he would add that feature.
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The reminders you see on your calendar are things you can also set up through Google Keep. If you like getting beepy noises on your phone, start using google keep and download the app. If you switch to Google Inbox instead of gmail, the reminders show up there (in your inbox), too.
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You can select email reminders in GCal. I typically use a combination of GCal, Inbox and Google Keep. Google Keep reminders show up in Inbox as a matter of fact.
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The answer is definitely to switch to Inbox. I find the reminders / snoozed function that Inbox provides very useful and I'm not sure I could go back to trying to track things in Gcal and/or Keep (though they are both good for their intended tasks).
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