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Recommend new(ish) guitar/rock music for someone who needs a break from pop.

I'm deliberately leaving the question a little broad because I want eclectic answers. The only criteria are:
-guitar based/rock type music, but within those parameters pretty much all genres or sub-genres are fine. Not super keen on metal, although I wont rule it out. Adore punk.
-bands that have been active within the last, lets say, five years or so
-not super mainstream (I know who The Alabama Shakes are)
-Bonus: the more it sounds like it might have come from the 90s the better
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You have described Beach Slang.

Also search for their 90s covers.
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King Khan is my favorite of the Black Keys type of sound.

There's also the whole Desert Blues thing, with African bands like Tinarwen.
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Lydia Loveless
The London Souls
Bob Mould (of Hüsker Dü and Sugar) has a new album out
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Doctor Dog!
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Google these + bandcamp

The Malskys
Glamour Hotline
Dilly Dally
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Ex Hex? Kind of channeling the 70's more than the 90's though:
How You Got That Girl - reminds me of The Cars
Hot and Cold - some Joan Jett here?
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Built to Spill especially perfect from now on; The Stone Roses.
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There's a real riot grrl/feminist punk revival happening right now if you like that sort of thing--Tacocat, The Coathangers, Chastity Belt.
Courtney Barnett (she opened for Alabama Shakes. Absolutely SHREDS.)
Hinds and La Luz both have a lofi surfy vibe if you're into that.
You probably already know about Japandroids, but in case you don't, Japandroids.

You might try listening to KEXP (kexp.org) streaming for a couple of days--they play a ton of new stuff/what you're looking for.
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Jack White and his many bands and projects. The White Stripes, the Raconteurs.

Ray LaMontagne?
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Modern blues: Benjamin Booker check Live at Glastonbury 2015

More soul-based: Leon Bridges also Live at Glastonbury 2015
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I know them well, and I think I understand that they've "made it," but I'm not sure about mainstream. Either way, Queens of the Stone Age.

Or a similar sound, Them Crooked Vultures, comprised of Josh Homme (of QOTSA), John Paul Jones, and Dave Grohl.

While we're on ex-Zeppelins, Robert Plant and Allison Kraus Made a killer album, Raising Sand, that is sometimes more rock and sometimes more folk, but seriously great album.

Are The Coral rock? I don't know, but they've got some of that jangly 60's British stuff going, but with very modern production.

And last, because you said you didn't want it, the only metal band I'm interested in right now other than Black Sabbath. Killer Be Killed because they have the right combination of nice crunchy Pantera-ish riffs with semi-intelligible screaming and actual, non-whiny vocals.
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Dinosaur Jr. Has been making loud psychedelic rock since the late 80's.
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Here's a bunch of random stuff that I love that I think fits your criteria...
Speedy Ortiz
White Lung
Hop Along
Big Eyes
The Ambulars
Radiator Hospital
All Dogs
Dogs on Acid
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Lucas Nelson and the Promise of the Real. Lucas (Willie Nelson's son) rocks. Here he is rocking the Eric Clapton song After Midnight. He plays with Neil Young and here with Bob Weir doing Weir Wolves of London. Here he covers Call Me the Breeze (Also Rob Wasserman on base.)

Here are videos on his website.

He self describes his music as Cowboy Hippie Surf Rock. I think he is right.
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Well, I don't know if it fits the not-mainstream criteria, what with "Search and Destroy" showing up on a commercial every six months, but Post Pop Depression is pretty rad all the way through.
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Big Wreck is mostly Canadian, so you might not have heard of them. They started out in the 90s with this.
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Check out Palma Violets!
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Surfer Blood.
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I have more, because current music that sounds like the 90s is my jam. Sorry no links for these, they are on spotify and/or bandcamp.

Joie de Vivre
Farewell Singapore
Fine, It's Pink
Los Campesinos!
Losing Sleep
Pale Fire
Allison Weiss
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Last Shadow Puppets? You probably know who they are, though. Not sure they sound 90s. Maybe early 00s.
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mv & ee
The newest Tom Carter record
Golden Gunn
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Punk with great technical guitar is basically my favorite genre of music. I'll see if I can remember some of the best (it's early yet, coffee has yet to take effect).

The genre is probably best typified by Boston-area A Wilhelm Scream.

Mastodon is metal for people who hate metal but love guitars.

Thrice has some pretty great guitar chops, and their early stuff basically almost was the 90s.

Coheed and Cambria if prog-rock is your thing.

White Lung is tremendous. They're blowing it away.

Heartsounds are also tearing it up.

Some great bands with awesome guitars that are all somehow related:
Latterman (RIP)
Iron Chic
Tender Defender

Finally (for now), while not mind-blowing guitar work, I've been really into the Menzingers lately.
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Withered Hand.
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The Gaslight Anthem is basically the spirit of Bruce Springsteen reborn in a bunch of 20-somethings.

Jesse Malin is pretty awesome, too, in similar ways.
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Slaves - Just two guys from Kent doing super-earnest "British punk with harsh bluesy garage riffs".
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The Hold Steady

Real Estate

Wild Nothing

The War on Drugs

Might I recommend a 90's band if you like punk...Sugar - it's the former lead guitarist/singer of Husker Du, Bob Mould
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Some good new-ish Australian bands - Smith Street Band, Violent Soho, Stonefield, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, DZ Deathrays.
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Surprised to see Screaming Females have not been mentioned yet. Brilliant band. Will also rep for Sheer Mag and most bands already mentioned in this thread.
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Check out Hospitality. And St. Vincent!
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Milk Maid. Here's their 2012 album Mostly No.

Seconding King Khan and Palma Violets, especially live.
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I'll second Ultimate Painting. I'm really liking their new Green Lanes album.

Also, check out Black Mountain and their latest release IV.
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Johnny Conqueroo from Lexington, KY
Courtney Barnett from Melbourne Australia
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Tame Impala
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Ok, listen, hear me out... Diarrhea Planet WAIT seriously
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How could I forget The Wytches? Very Bleachy.
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The Bevis Frond (sample)
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and another sample
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Biffy Clyro!
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Response by poster: You guys are crushing it, keep the suggestions coming!
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Bring Me The Head Of - Magic Dirt
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Plastic Loveless Letter - Magic Dirt
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Beasts of Bourbon
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Damn, the Stonefield link was supposed to go here (couldn't let this awesome band of sisters go past without a proper link!)
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Flyermile is juicy with the guitar
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