Flower bouquet/arrangement delivery in San Diego — w/ online store?
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Google brings up a lot of florists/shops based in San Diego, but who all appear to offer generic flower arrangements and share the exact same stock photos from FTD (??)... Can you point me to any shops with an online store that offers more unique, beautiful blooms?

I live in the Midwest, but my parents are in San Diego.

I'm looking for something like Valleybrink Road, which is great but it's L.A. and Orange County only (seems like L.A. has a ton of boutique-y, lovely places that San Diego does not!). I'd love to send my mother a nice bouquet that's not just roses and baby's breath.

It would be great if I could fly over there to pick out a nice bouquet from the farmer's market, but I can't right now, so I'd like the next best thing! Thank you!
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All of those little florists should be able to do a custom order, no problem - they're using FTD because that way they don't have to figure out online stores for themselves, but they totally will do whatever you want if you call them. (Call, probably, rather than email - I'm sure there are exceptions, but the florists I've known and worked for have not exactly been at the head of the tech curve.)
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I would suggest you get a farmgirlflowers.com bouquet shipped from San Francisco. They're amazing bouquets and ship well.
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Green Fresh Florals
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If you want to send her flowers 12 times (maybe monthly?) I found a San Diego-based flowers-only CSA that you can sign up with online and that delivers: http://seabreezed.com/
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Was going to suggest Farmgirl Flowers, but since I've been beaten to it... The Bouqs may also have the kind of bouquets you're after.
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Honestly, most any flower shop should be able to do something interesting. The designers I've known have always hated doing the standard FTD arrangements, and have enjoyed putting together something unique. A typical order might have been something like "Tall vased arrangement with bright colored seasonal flowers" or "Traditional arrangement in a basket in pastel colors, no carnations or babies' breath, please, for $100 including delivery." This gives the designer a chance to show off, and at the shops that I worked at, they'd often slip in a few extra blooms for free because of the leeway they were given. These were neighborhood stripmall shops, too, nothing fancy.
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Mr. bananacabana and I like Adelaide's in La Jolla when we send fun bouquets to family there. It looks like you can order online (and even do a custom order), but I always just call and say "I'd like to spend $X, I do/don't need a vase, the recipient likes pink/tropical flowers/sunshiny spring mixes, I do/don't want tulips/roses/baby's breath," etc.

Like conic says, they seem to be pleased to design something fun and better than the standard bouquets. They've always delivered really great stuff to our family.
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