Question about ICE contacts in iPhone
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[iPhone filter] I have designated a few contacts in my iPhone as ICE. The problem is, any text message or phone call from any of these numbers shows up as "ICE," not their primary name.

This may sound silly, but due to aging family etc, I find this EXTREMELY distressing. I don't want my boyfriend's WhatsApp convos being labeled as ICE. I don't want my best friend calling with a joke to flash up as ICE. It makes my stomach fall every time I see it.

TL;DR: How do I allow emergency personnel access to my emergency contact numbers without having all of them show as ICE on my iPhone?

Thanks so much.
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Do you have "ICE Stu" in the First Name field or just "ICE"? I do the former, and it shows up as "ICE Stu". I barely even notice that it's there anymore.

Alternately, a friend of mine has a picture with his emergency contact's name and number as his lock screen.
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Best answer: Open up the Health app and tap Medical ID at the bottom. You can edit it from here to add emergency contacts. Make sure you enable Show When Locked. If your phone is locked, anybody tapping "Emergency" will be able to see your Medical ID and any contacts you have listed there. No need to label anything ICE.
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Best answer: The Medical ID function on the iPhone lets you do exactly this. Here's how.
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Response by poster: Oh, thanks so much. It's all fixed now!
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