Help Me Integrate with My Company's Payment Processor
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Okay, here's the deal. We've got a process for getting our clients signed up and billed that's not working. We want to just throw them a link to a form, fill it out, add their credit card or ACH info, and then be signed up for recurring billing. Problem is...

...our processor is MerchantOne (NMI), and the boss is unwilling to switch to something easier to integrate with. I've tried looking for reliable online form solutions that can connect with NMI, only to come up empty. Stuff works with, with Stripe, with Braintree, but I can't find a damn thing that connects with MerchantOne or NMI.

I could, theoretically, build a page using their API docs---I know enough PHP to make it happen, but that only solves the having a place to do payment. I don't think I have the chops to include the agreement form in this, and have that save somewhere.

Hope me, MeFi. I just want to set up a form, collect data, and send the card data to our processor, and know our clients signed the agreement. Harder than it looks, it seems.
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Can you externalize the collection of the credit card data? If it comes through your system, that places you in PCI scope, and that's a major headache that if you can avoid is for the win. Perhaps you can use that to get your boss to switch to someone easier to integrate with?
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Candleman That's what I'm trying to find out. It doesn't look like there's any services we can outsource this to that connect with our processor. That's where I'm going nuts.
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MerchantOne has an gateway emulator, which allows you to use almost any eCommerce package that supports, just by changing a URL. There's also a WooCommerce plugin already setup to do this.
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bradf: I LOVE YOU.
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bradf: Follow-Up: The Gateway Emulator doesn't work. Can't do recurring billing. I'm going to have to do this by hand, and my lead programmer is in crunch mode on a more urgent project.
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