2 small KDE usability questions
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I have 2 small questions about using KDE.

I'm using KDE on Suse 9.3. I'm having fun figuring things out, but there are 2 small things that I just can not figure out. These are:

1) I keep accidentally moving the launch buttons. I go to click to show the desktop or launch Firefox and instead end up dragging the button over a few spots. Is there a way to 'lock' this tool bar?

2) Is there a key-board combo for 'show desktop' or 'hide everything'?
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Best answer: Ctrl + Alt + D will show the desktop.
posted by The Jesse Helms at 2:05 PM on December 21, 2005

Best answer: In KDE 3.5 it is possible to lock the toolbars; to do it, right-click on an empty space on the toolbar and select "Lock Panels". I don't think earlier versions of KDE had this functionality, unfortunately, and a little bit of Web searching leads me to believe that the version which ships with SuSE 9.3 is KDE 3.4.

Also in KDE 3.5, the "show desktop" shortcut is Ctrl-Alt-D by default. I don't know whether this was also true in earlier versions. In any case, you can configure this shortcut by looking in the KDE control panel under "Regional & Accessibility / Keyboard Shortcuts"; the command you want is called "Toggle Showing Desktop".
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Best answer: The dragging problem you describe sounds like you have mis-set the KDE mouse settings. Control Center, Peripherals, Mouse, Advanced - play around with (increase) the drag start time or distance.
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Response by poster: Thank you all!

Ctr + ALt D does the trick.

'Lock Panels' is not an option; I prolly have KDE 3.4.

Mucking about with 'drag start time' has made a marked improvement.
posted by john m at 6:20 PM on December 21, 2005

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