What blogs/sites do you read that give you Lifehacker-esque content?
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I am interested in Lifehacker-esque content, but not Gawker. What do you read that's like this?

I have read Lifehacker for a couple of years and find the content appealing - however I hate that it's part of the Gawker network and am at the point where I want to stop compensating them in any form.

I particularly like the How I Work series, habit examinations, short articles on things adults should know, and gear deal aggregation. I'm less into the career advice, tech reviews/recommendations, or Ferriss-y hack stuff.

Do you have other sites and blogs that you read regularly and would recommend that provide similar content?
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The Art of Manliness
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I recently discovered iheartotganizing for visual organizing. Lots of great content and ideas.
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Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools blog has user submitted recommendations for gear of all stripes, and it has a "What's in my bag" category.
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Barking Up The Wrong Tree
Zen Habits
The Minimalists
Be More With Less
Into Mind
Mark Manson
Wait But Why
The School of Life
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The "how to" and "productivity" parts of Matt Might's blog.
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ApartmentTherapy, The Kitchn, and A Beautiful Mess all have good DIY and home-focused organization content.
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Nthing all of Brittanie's suggestions and adding Unclutterer to the list!
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Thanks everyone - I have re-enabled my Feedly account, added nearly all of the suggestions, and haven't had the urge to visit Lifehacker since this post went up. Great work!
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