Best mobile phone plan for Europe/UK holiday?
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We're holidaying soon, and I'd like to get a local sim card to make life a little easier. We're spending most of our time in the UK, but will also be visiting Paris, Vienna, Prague and Berlin. Are there any good options that would cover the lot?
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Best answer: You can get a SIM card from Three.

Then get the £25 All-in-One which has unlimited data for 30 days.

This will work in the UK, Paris and Vienna. For Prague and Berlin you'll have to pay roaming charges.

Thats one option anyways.
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We use UK vodafone SIMs in unlocked US iPhones for this.
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Here's a page from Money Saving Expert, which explains the current system on roaming with a UK SIM. Lower down it compares the various packages available: Cheap Roaming Calls
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Response by poster: Thanks, Three looks like the goer!
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Three is the best! I do it every time I go back. It's really easy and a bargain.
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