Fuzzy hair removal – Difficulty: eerie
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As I’m growing older, I find my ear lobes to be increasingly covered in fine hairs. My battery powered nose/ear trimmer fails me. Can this fluff be removed via waxing (pain tolerance is high)?
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I would probably try sensitive nair for face on it and wash it off immediately if it burns.
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I just shave mine with a razor- they grow very slowly and it only needs to be done every couple of months.
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My barber shaves 'em off when i get a hair cut, and that's enough.
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I go to a Turkish barber who burns them off with a lit taper.
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If the hairs are finer and fluffier than, say, leg or arm or eyebrow hair, then Nair for face might be a good bet. My experience is that once hair gets any coarser than that, nairing it successfully requires leaving the stuff on for long enough to make your face unhappy. YMMV.
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I was going to suggest fire, but couldn't come up with a way that I thought would get me shouted down as being an unsafe method. I've always had rather fuzzy ears and the only time I've ever had smooth ears (well ear) is then I leaned in close to the gas BBQ to see if there was gas coming out at the same time my brother pushed the electric ignition. There was a woosh and oddly the only hair loss was the very fine hair on my ears and that was about it. It would be difficult to accomplish on purpose though.
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I work for a cosmetology/esthiology institute and we definitely have people coming in to get their ears waxed.
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Are you using a trimmer like this with the round tip? I use one of the flat edge ones like this. (Full disclosure I have this pink one.)

I use it for multiple random trimming things but especially for cleaning up and straightening my fuzzy sideburn area and nape of my neck (I have a buzzed undercut.) I'm a lady so my sideburn area and neck is a a little trail of hairs mixed with a bit of fuzz. Works great. They're not good for anything super thick thick and you'll want to go slow at a nice angle but yeah, it's great.
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How about a facial epilator? It would be as effective as waxing but it seems like it would be a much easier DIY fix.
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I am a pretty courageous waxer! I mean, it's not gonna rip off your whole ear, the worst thing that happens is you lose some skin and hurt yourself for like a week, or the hairs don't pull out and you have to use oil to get the stickiness off.

I'd just try it!

(I once waxed ONE of my armpits and it hurt so much that I couldn't fully rest my arm against the side of my body for like 9 days, and I bled and it was really painful. But! I no longer have hair that grows in that armpit, so like.. net positive.)
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Waxing is the way to go , leaves you silky smooth for weeks on end .
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