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In an attempt to use more of my makeup stash and get out of my rut, I have set up a list of quick "makeup challenges". I've put them in an randomiser app so the idea is that in the morning I will pick a challenge at random and try to take it on. I've already put in a few things around specific products I need to use more frequently, but I'd like suggestions on other things to add to my list.

Makeup "looks" would be good. For example, I just added "Alice in Wonderland", which I'm actually looking forward to coming up!

I've got some obvious ones already (nude eye, red lips) and less obvious ones to use up particular stash items (coral lips, purple eyeliner (not together of course)). Any other ideas? My coloring is medium skin toned (asian), brown eyes, almost black hair.
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Lisa Eldridge has some tutorials that might be fun -- for example, Adele, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, etc. Depending on how much makeup you want to wear, you could try some looks that various drag queens are known for (or maybe toned-down versions for daytime wear); Lucy Garland's videos are a good resource for that.
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/r/MakeupRehab is full of people doing challenges like this. Lots of great ideas.
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Seconding neushoorn, Lisa Eldridge's tutorials are full of great ideas. I'd also check out the Pixiwoo sisters.

Some other ideas:
Looks based upon eras (60s, 80s etc.)
A look involving false eyelashes
Reverse smokey eye
Your fave look on a celebrity from a certain Oscars or awards show
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This is a great question!! Something I like to do is read beauty magazines/blogs and try to reverse-engineer a look that's on a model with my similar complexion. Often, the instructions are right there, but it's fun to try to figure it out based on the photo alone.

Another thing from beauty magazines is when they interview professionally good-looking people about their daily habits, to emulate the routine they describe. Not necessarily the "juice cleanse and a three-hour session with my private yogi" routine, but something along the lines of "on my off days, I'll just wear a swipe of mascara with bronzer and a really good lipstick." It's cute when models pretend to be low-maintenance ;)
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Definitely check out the youtube channel for emily noel. She sounds like your coloring (black hair, medium skin, brown eyes) and her tutorials are AMAZING.
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I like the makeovers that Cara from Maskcara does- they are always kind of the same but very flattering. She usually applies: quite a bit of highlight and contour, with a lot of highlight on the front of the face, quite a bit of blush, pinky neutral lips, thickish angular brows that aren't too dark, and super long feathery lashes. It looks great on so many people. Here's an example on a woman with monolid eyes in case that's relevant.
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Kim Chi from this season of RuPaul's Drag Race may have some good looks and tutorials. She's already done this cubist look on the show.
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Because for some reason YouTube recommended Pony Makeup to me, I went and took a look and have been finding it fairly interesting. She is Korean, and as I am also Korean, I find I prefer her makeup looks to the non-Korean makeup tutorials often recommended on AskMe. (I think it's mainly the eyebrows, I really like the Korean eyebrow look and find sharply defined arched eyebrows unappealing.)

Some color-themed looks from her channel:

Aqueous orange makeup (your coral lipstick might come in handy!)
Clear rose color makeup
Gorgeous mahogany makeup

I have to say I am not too keen on her tendency to put eyeliner on her waterline.
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