How do I get a really nice but simple delivery fruit basket?
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Pretty much what the question asks. My mom's birthday is coming up. I'm far away. The parents don't need anymore stuff. They need less stuff. But, something healthy and delicious and a treat would be nice. Shipping to Connecticut, USA.

They recently downsized to a much smaller house and are still struggling to get rid of stuff. I have sent flowers in the past, but others likely will and a double triple flower delivery is overdoing it. So, I thought why not something tasty? But no junk or sweets for health reasons. I just want to send some high quality really delicious fruit--fresh or dried--in a nice gift box. No chocolate covered blueberries etc. or else this might have been fine. And, no crazy goofy funny stuff. Just the best, delicious fruit. If you have sent this or received this, and you can recommend a really good company, please. Most of the Harry and David stuff seems to include cheeses or chocolates and I'd just as soon avoid H&D anyway. I did read this Ask, but not many ideas and most of the links include things like chocolates or are less "gifty" and a little too CSA organic type and seem heavy on the avocados this time of year. Thanks!
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Edible arrangements
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Seconding Edible Arrangements - you can choose to not have chocolate-covered fruit included, and I've always been very impressed with the quality.
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Just checked your "goofy" link - they do cut out shapes but I guess I never got the impression that they were silly like that. No faces on the fruit or anything.
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Best answer: not a fruit basket, but i sent my dad a bunch of no-sugar added preserves from byler's relish house at christmas.
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Are there any small, independent grocers near your Mom & Dad? They often do fruit baskets, and they're of higher quality than the bigger online retailers.
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Best answer: They may be owned by H&D now, but The Fruit Company is my first choice for corporate and personal gifts (especially the Nashi Asian pears box). The fruit is beautifully packaged in a box with watercolour art, and the quality is consistently excellent.
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Yes to local grocers either independent or chain. I've had great deliveries of fruit with maybe a cheese and small box of crackers from local stores. You can usually call and talk directly to the person putting it together.

I've had nice Edible Arrangements as well and while I think this is great if your parents are having people over it is less convenient than whole fruit as it is all cut and needs to be eaten relatively soon so unless they like a lot of fruit salad or can share then whole fruit is better.
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Meduri offers a lot of gifty options. I would go for some kind of sampler pack; a tin of something like dried grapefruit is too much dried grapefruit.
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Oh-- and be aware with Meduri, some of those things are very sugary. With the dried citrus fruit you can actually see the sugar in the photos and it's even more sugary (sugarier?) than that. I'd stick with the cherries and peaches and things that people normally dry, maybe in a mix with nuts.
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Not fruit though...
California avocados has good avocados and artichokes and free shipping, i believe...
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Oh man, you want Frog Hollow Farm. They're local to me and supply restaurants like The French Laundry, but they will also ship delicious fruit anywhere! Here are their gift sets--the timing is a little awkward because it's too early for stone fruit, but you could pre-order cherries (bottom right).
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(Oh, and I've ordered from Frog Hollow and had it shipped to both Arkansas and New York, and it's been very well-received.)
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You want Manhattan Fruitier.
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I live in CT, and there are 3 ediblearrangements within 10 miles of me. Probably not true for the whole state, but I wouldn't worry about stuff being delivered fresh.

Michelle's Pies in Norwalk is amazing. I don't know about delivery.
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Best bet in CT is Stew Leonard's grocery store for that sort of thing. Very reasonable prices.
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Best answer: Chukar Cherries' no-sugar-added dried cherries in tins are delicious.
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Best answer: My experiences with Edible Arrangements has been that they care more about appearance than taste. Lots of unripe melon and such. A company I worked at used to get a few of them from subcontractors every year at Christmas, and mostly they didn't get eaten because they just weren't good.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Went with a selection of pears from The Fruit Company, but some other great ideas there, especially for other seasons.
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