Gros Michel Banana
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Where can I find a gros michel banana to eat. I just need one, not the whole plant, I just want to try the old fashioned banana. Banana forums warn of scams where only a Cavendish has been eaten. Where's that Gros Michel. Where is Fat Mike Banan. i live in louisville kentucky but have access to Online
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This has been asked a bit, around the internet. This is probably the best answer.
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You might want to ask a fellow MeFite.
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One of my local Asian grocery stores has a whole big selection of bananas. I don't know if they've got Gros Michel specifically, but I'd ask at your local Asian groceries. Lots of interesting textures, flavors and colors.
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If anybody would have them (or could special-order them) in Louisville, I'm betting it would be Paul's Fruit Market, but they're closed on Sundays. I just called all of the asian groceries in town, none of them have them. Whole Foods has some non-Cavendish varieties, including some baby varieties and red bananas, but dude in their produce department says Gros Michel isn't on most distributors' lists in this area.

You might also reach out to @SarahFritschner and ask her - she's been a locavore food expert in Louisville for decades, and is a friend of mine. If anybody would know how to track them down, it's her.
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Maybe Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati carries them.
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Maybe Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati carries them.

I shop there pretty frequently and can't recall ever having seen any. I'll check later this week on my trip and let Greg Nog know.
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