professional shirts for a woman with a slim torso and strong arms
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Where can I find shirts cut for someone my shape? I have a slim, long torso, and relatively muscular, and therefore large, arms.

For reference, my body is about a J Crew 0, and my arms are happiest in a J Crew 6. I have a sewing machine and am skilled enough to buy the larger shirts and take them in, but would rather just find something that fits without alteration. Cloth and Stone shirts tend to fit relatively well, but they're a little too casual for work.
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H&M or Zara men's slim fit shirts? I've definitely worn those. Also retailers for tall women tend to cut the shoulders and arms much more generously for a given body size but they may be too tall/ big for you.
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If any of this fits your definition of a professional shirt (I am a Pacific Northwest style ladychild and thus don't know how to tell):

Then Eshakti will sew those things to custom measurements you give them. Additionally, many of the tops have options for neckline, torso length, or sleeve length.
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Boss Women is great for figure challenges. They use stretch cotton in their work blouses, extensive darting and have a lot of very flattering fit cuts. I have the challenge of a slim waist and a bigger bust, so I live in their fake button downs-- they look like an elegant button down, but zip up on the sides. No more pulling buttons or gaping cleavage in meetings.

Expensive, but worth it.
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I LOVE the Express Slim Fit Portofino shirts. I have a long torso and broad shoulders and own about 15 different colors. They drape really well and are super flattering.
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