Child-friendly version of goodreads?
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Six-year-old daughter is a real bookworm and loves writing reviews. She's seen me on goodreads and really wants to do something similar. She likes the idea of sharing reviews and getting recommendations. Is there anything we could use together which would be suitable?

Even if GR allowed her (it doesn't), it wouldn't be right: the social stuff, the lack of filtering and also lack of other users at her level (she's reading above 6yo, but not that far above...).
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Biblionasium is apparently "Goodreads for kids" according to Google and Quora. They have shelving, recommendations, and community features. There's a site tour linked on the main page.
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Not quite exactly Goodreads for kids, but Common Sense Media has kid and parent reviews of books, movies, and other media.
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Some schools and libraries participate in Spaghetti Book Club. Not sure if you can join as an individual.
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Here's The Guardian kids' book review site. Children six and under join with their family; seven and ups can post on their own behalf.
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If you're going to be helping her and supervising, there's nothing wrong with letting her use Goodreads, either. My (homeschooled) kids have been using it for years and years now; it makes tracking their free reading choices SO much easier! (I really would love to see them have a child-friendly portal (say for 12 and under?) to the same database - maybe with an option for regular Goodreads users to be able to turn on and off viewing the reviews-by-kids.)
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If her school library uses Follett Destiny as its circulation system (and they have enabled this feature), Destiny allows students to post ratings and reviews. Ask the school librarian.
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I met an exec from DogoBooks at BEA recently. He described it as "Goodreads for kids."
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