Montreal, here I come! For two weeks, at least..
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I'm going to be in Montreal from 4/10 to 4/24, and I'm looking for the weirdo hotspots!

Specifically, goth/industrial/witch house/metal nights and venues, along with things of that nature. Also, recommendations on alt shopping - comic stores, record shops, weird fashion, etc. Neighborhoods similar to South Street in Philly, Broad Street in Richmond, St. Marks in NYC... I was hoping to get tix to the Napalm Death / Melvins show on the 17th but it sold out before my trip was fully confirmed, but I secured Kvelertak/Torche tix on the 19th. Anything else excellent going on I should try to squeeze in? Fantastic dining experiences to seek out? Pho recommendations always a plus.
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Phonopolis (personal favorite record store) is right next door to Drawn & Quarterly in the MileEnd neighborhood. I make a point of stopping in any time I'm in Montreal.
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marche du livre by berri-uqam for bande dessinee comics.
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Jason from “Shut Up and Eat” recently nominated the best pho in Montreal. The article also lists half a dozen other top pho places, by his estimation. NB Jason is Asian and enjoys things most white people kind of cringe from, things that turn up in the all-dressed pho (dac biet) like tendon and tripe. Also some of his addresses are in parts of town tourists rarely visit. But he is reliable about food, and any place that has good all-dressed pho will have lots of other variations on the menu.
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Dragon's Beard candy is one of my very favourite things about Montreal. The whole area around there is great for a little walk-about.
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Pho Tay Ho is our spot for pho, can't go wrong with that. It's a bit out of the tourist track but at least it's close to a metro.
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Jason's top fave pho place, Nguyen Phi, is only a few blocks from Côte-des-Neiges metro. I like Lyla, around the corner from Parc station on the blue line, and the Nam Do, around the corner from Jean-Talon metro.

I would also counsel the OP to put his other queries to the /r/montreal subreddit.
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If you like Vietnamese food beyond pho, I highly recommend you plan for a meal at Red Tiger. They're a fun, modern place that serves amazing takes on Vietnamese "street food". It was a highlight of my last trip.

For music, I have a feeling you might like Foufunes Electriques or Katacombes , although I have no direct knowledge of either place.
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You might look at Cult MTL’s event listings and their music previews.
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Some great suggestions, and started on my pho tour today. Also, holy smokes, Body Worlds is doing a zoological exhibit at the Montreal Science Centre starting 4/14. Definitely checking that as well!
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