What was this SF short?
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Trying to track down a short science fiction story involving compromised (in the infosec sense) wireless audio implants.

I read an intriguing science fiction short some time ago, and no matter how I rack my brain, Google, even ping my favorite authors on Twitter to see if they've read it, I can't re-find it.

The basic plot is, a guy gets audio implants. Like Bluetooth headphones, but implanted. He listens to music and makes phone calls. Then he discovers they're backdoored, and someone in China(?) has been listening to his business calls, him reading off his credit card number, etc etc, and has stolen his identity. I think there's an additional complication of somehow not being able to easily remove them, or he's on a life contract or something?

Have you heard of it? Can you point me to an author, a title, something?
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