Facebook Pages in German and French, please?
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I'm looking for interesting French and German Facebook pages to seed my FB feed and keep it from being so boring.

I've liked tons of French and German pages on FB, but they are mostly news and politics or Buzzfeed. That's fine, but I would like to find more that focus on fun things that maybe have more relevance to my life. I find pages here and there organically, but would like to really fill it up with more diversity and make it a little less like a reuters news ticker or links to amusing lists of things.

So, my fellow Metafilterians, what are fun and interesting FB pages that post and present in either language?

I'm interested in art, architecture, fashion, design, sewing, agriculture, equestrian stuff, queer culture, civil rights, and maybe just a *little* TMZ style gossipy stuff, but throw whatever you have my way if you've enjoyed it.

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I did something similar recently in order to keep up my French. I had the most success in just searching Facebook with the French words for the things I like and then seeing what Facebook pages came up and then following the ones that looked good. The word "musée," for example, turned up a ton of French-language museums, which tend to have great text and pictures without a lot of politics or world events. Now my feed is about 20% French content (including Quebec, Belgium, Switzerland, and a few African countries).
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Try the German street artist Barbara. Always enjoy her posts. Political or sometimes just silly...
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