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I'm taking a solo trip for a few weeks without my partner. What are things I can do before I leave or during to let my partner know I care about them while I'm gone?

For example, I've already set up a flower delivery to come both weeks. I'm looking for little things like that to show my appreciation for them while I'm gone.
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Early on in my current relationship I had to leave for a week. Before I did I left 7 little note cards (the size that come with flowers) with instructions to open on each day. They each had special thought and reflection.

Also set up some arranged time to do a video chat via hangouts, skype, whatever app you use. That is if you're going to a place where you will have internet.

I also suggest downloading Whatsapp. You can use the app to make calls as long as you have Wi-Fi. That way if you're overseas and don't have phone service, you could still make a call.
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I make lots of love notes on 3x5 cards and hide them around the house in places I know they will run across them during their daily routines.
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Do your best to call/text/Skype when you say you will - this shows your partner though you are living in the moment/having a great time, you are still thinking about and prioritizing their well-being too. Travelling schedules can be a bit willy-nilly but remember every minute you are late/putting off your partner, they're possibly waiting by the phone thinking you're having more fun than talking to them.

My partner is a worrier, thus a call every day/a text to say I got home if I went out drinking in a place I do not know gives her a lot of peace of mind that I was not kidnapped/killed/etc.

My partner also loves it when I send photos back that are meant only for her - standing in front of the Eiffel tower with my hands in the shape of a heart, a parody of that guy who took sad photos on vacation without her family, or a photo of something related to her interests like a foreign pharmacy. Doesn't take much.
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Do you live together? Before I leave on business trips I make sure all the errands are done and any minor chores I've been putting off have been taken care of.
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When my husband was away for a while, he left a bunch of balled socks all around our apartment. That might sound silly, but it was something of an in-joke for us - he always leaves his socks everywhere and it drives me nuts!

But when he was away and I started finding socks in the fridge, in the freezer, in a saucepan, under my pillow (you get the gist), I felt overwhelming love, I felt close to him and I laughed, I laughed a lot... every day/

Love notes are great, I pack them in his lunch sometimes, but something that was just quintessential "us" and would have meant nothing to anybody else, really made me smile every day and I couldn't wait to see him when he got back!
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Leave something yummy in the fridge or freezer, maybe leave some nice beer or wine.
Send a lot of postcards, like, seriously, a massive quantity of postcards. Funny messages, travelog, whatever.
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Send them a text when you get where you're going, so they know you've arrived safely.
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Little pings in the moment are great. Make a note of when they get up if you're in a different time zone and send them a message then. Or make time for a quick call before they go to bed if the time zones are aligned that way instead. Message when you see something that makes you think of them.

Can be text, email, call, chat, whatever method works best for you but it's a nice way of feeling close when you're away. Doesn't have to be every day either, it can be nice as a little surprise too.
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My wife will travel back home every once in a while for 3-6 weeks at a time. We'll skype maybe once a week during that time. What I like to get are photos/videos of whatever she's doing. I like that more than skyping because on my end I'm still doing my regular routine so there isn't much for me to say.

Don't overlook the fact that your partner may enjoy the time you're gone as well. When my wife goes I get to catch up on TV shows, play video games, meet up with friends and do all kinds of other things that I don't have the chance to do as much while she's around.
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Just back to also share that I send partner stacks of postcard love notes. I bring stamps with me and try to send postcards either from a stop-over airport or very soon after I arrive so that they will be delivered while I'm gone. Fun mail is extra special since written correspondence by mail hardly happens anymore.
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I've left homemade frozen lunches that I knew my partner enjoyed before going on long trips. One of my partners specifically likes getting selfies of me in the places I'm traveling and photos of the interesting meals I get, neither of which I tend to take a lot of but do for them while I'm away.
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I was given a pile of mini wrapped gifts in the fridge, numbered, one per day, with instructions to open after dinner. When unwrapped each had a post it note with a personal message, and a small sweet or bonbon in it. It was lovely.
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