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What brick-and-morter eyewear stores in New York are similar to Warby Parker in style and cost?

It's time for new glasses. I've been shopping at Warby Parker for the last few years, and have been happy with my options. This go-round, though, I didn't find any frames that I like. Where else can I shop?

1) Must be actual brick-and-morter store where I can try them on. I don't want to do a website at-home try-on because receiving and shipping packages in New York is a huge hassle.

2) Nice, clean, classic styles like Warby Parker. I don't want 'funky'/vintage like at Fabulous Fanny's, or super boring.

3) Total cost (frames and lenses) must be under $200. Otherwise I would just go to Oliver Peoples and have a field day.

I know that a few years back I walked by some place in Nolita (?) that had a similar model/style as Warby, but I can't seem to remember what/where it was. It might not even still be there for all I know.

Are there any others in Brooklyn or Manhattan that you can recommend?
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Have you been to Moscot? They sell their own brand but I got a really nice pair of Paul Frank glasses there a few years ago for around $200. Based on their website it looks like their prices went up, but they've got a bunch of stuff in the store not on the site.
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I love See Eyewear. I'm in the Chicago area, but I see on their website they have locations in NYC.
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Oh yes, forgot to mention I already went to Moscot :)
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Steven Alan Optical is in a similar vein to WP. I know they've got a shop in Williamsburg and it looks like one in TriBeCa. I dig their stuff!
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the nolita one might have been Eyes on Broadway but I think they might be a little pricier
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Raymond Fong (on Lafayette just under canal) is an optometrist with a great frame selection and the person I worked with there was fantastic about helping me find more affordable versions of the expensive frames I liked and even special ordered the color I wanted. Not all the frames are Warby Parker-ish, but might be worth a try?
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I haven't been in their brick and mortar, but my frames are from Brooklyn Spectacles, and I love them and get tons of compliments on them.
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Thanks jeksemas, those are nice, but over my budget.
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Fabulous Fanny's does have an an inexpensive and good-looking line of new frames ("Spectaculars," I think it's called?) alongside its vintage stuff.

Second choice: Optical 88, on Mott & Hester. Should definitely be within your budget.
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Classic Specs has a retail location in Brooklyn. Nice stuff - the ones I've seen have nicer details than my WP frames.
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I buy all my glasses at Fabulous Fanny's, they have a good selection of hipster frames. Not as high-end as WP, maybe.

Edit: oops. never mind.
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I have several pairs of frames from SEE. They're great. Very affordable, great selection.
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