Where can I look at people's progress pictures?
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I love to look through pictures of people's progress of improving their life in some way. I guess I find it calming and inspirational. Where on the internet can I find more of this?

My favorite are pictures of people's rooms or homes being decluttered, but I also like seeing pictures of room/home renovation or re-styling, weight loss progress, skin care progress, people's hair or clothing style journeys, puppies being rescued who are now happy and cared for, really anything along these lines.

I usually go to Reddit for this (current favorites are /r/declutter and /r/konmari, /r/progresspics and /r/keto, /r/skincareaddiction), so I'm looking for more subreddits like these, or anywhere else on the internet you can think of that's good for this kind of thing. Facebook groups maybe? A site like Unfuck Your Habitat sometimes has these, so perhaps there are others along those lines?


Just to clarify, when I say "improving," I mean what to the person who is posting the pictures themselves feels is an improvement. I don't mean that weight loss, for example, is inherently an improvement.
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Best answer: Just today I read about the #MomentsInTransition hashtag.
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Would pregnancy progression photos do it for you? Because boy howdy is the Internet full of those. They often come with nursery set-up sequences too.
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Best answer: /r/BeforeNAfterAdoption has pictures of animals after they find loving homes
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Instagram. Look at the hashtags for stuff you relate to. I'm sure if you search for cleaning or weight loss you'll find some. Then there are lots of accounts that repost various stuff that you could follow as a one stop place. Use the explore tab to find stuff. It's pretty good about showing you stuff related to things you already liked. I think #beforeandafter is a pretty solid place to start.
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Best answer: Primal Blueprint Success Stories
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses!

#MomentsInTransition is perfect. /r/BeforeNAfterAdoption is as well, but I was *not* prepared for how sad the "befores" would be.

I'll try poking around on IG and probably Tumblr too, but I guess I'm more drawn to Reddit posts since they usually come with some context and backstory instead of only pictures. I would love some specific hashtag suggestions though.

I thought of a couple more that I like to visit too: the Konmari Adventures Facebook group, and /r/ICleanedMyRoom.

If anyone else has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!
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