Space Chases in Comics
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Looking for specific examples of extremely creative, well-drawn chase sequences (through outer space, preferably involving spaceships) that you have seen depicted in a comic book or graphic novel. Please be as specific as possible so I can go buy the issue online. Bonus points for double-page spreads!
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I really love the look of Ryan Cecil Smith's space comics. He self-publishes a lot and has some great riso issues, but this GN, S.F. #3, published by Koyama Press is a good place to start.
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Leo Geo and the Cosmic Crisis is for kids, but it is one continuous race (sometimes chase) scene. It's actually told from two characters' perspectives, each starting at one end of the book and meeting in the middle. Nothing but double page spreads. Some more sample images here.
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I'm struggling to think of stuff that's direct, extended chase sequences, but I've got a whole laundry list of books with great kinetic space imagery. Saga (some good stuff in #13, #28, #29) and ODY-C both have chase/urgency as central tones, while the relaunch of Prophet has some incredible space scenes (not necessarily chase-related) in the middle trades (vols. 2, 3, 4). All of this is available via Comixology. Also maybe check out The Incal (particularly the first two books).

If you're looking for really dogfight-y stuff I've heard great things about the various new Star Wars series that Marvel's been putting out. There's also a few issues of Avengers (2012) around #18 that're in space fleets, tied into Infinity #2/#3
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I can't recall any specific spaceship chase sequences in The Incal, but I'm pretty sure there are some in there. Not dogfights, though, I don’t think. You might just want to do some google search on Moebius.
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No specific examples I'm afraid, but 2 recommendations for artists to look out for would be Kevin O'Neill (Nemesis) and Juan Gimenez (Metabarons).
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