Mail app on Macbook not downloading the oldest (2-3 years) of messages
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I am trying to back up my Gmail account to my home computer, a MacBook Pro. I am able to sync the account and have downloaded most of my messages/attachments, but the native Mac mail program only downloads messages as far back as 2006. (My Gmail account goes back to 2004.) Disk space is not a problem. I have also made sure the setting for limiting the number of messages to download is not checked. Any other ideas? Thanks!
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Best answer: How long has this downloading been happening? I believe Gmail may be limiting how much data or how many messages you can download in one session or over a certain amount of time.

If it's only been a day or two, give it a few days. I'm pretty sure that every time I've had to do a redownload of Gmail to it has taken a while and I seem to remember some notification about it, too.

One way to test: are you getting new Gmail messages immediately in now? Send yourself a couple from outside accounts and find out.
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Best answer: I should add: I have hundreds of thousands of messages and am assuming you do, too.
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Response by poster: False alarm! I was only looking at my inbox. It's all there under "All Mail." Thanks!
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