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I need an ultra fancy and beautiful caftan for an event on May 1: white, possibly gold embroidered and bejeweled, available in 3x, and dripping with late Liz Taylor realness.

This eBay store has some nice ones, like this and this. But they ship from India, and the delivery window is a month long, with the possibility of the dress arriving after May 1.

Where can I find a caftan of wonders, with a high degree of confidence that it will arrive before April 29 at the latest?
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They're pretty simple to sew, maybe you could find a local seamstress to create the caftan of your dreams?
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You would probably do well to look for shops catering to African or African-American ladies. They would have a lot more caftans, as well as plus-sized offerings and glamorous ones with a more blingy look.

Try here or here.

Ashro has more of the glamorous and less traditional stuff, but they may not have 3X in the style you want. Same with Especially Yours.
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I have found many wonderful specimens on Etsy. They have been gaining in popularity and are pretty pricey these days, but if you're willing to spend a little money, you will definitely find one there in time for the end of the month. I also really like J Peterman's caftans, but they might be a little too casual for your purposes.

Also: OOH LA LA! What about this one?
link 1

If you order today, you will have it in three weeks!

There's also this, which I would snatch up from under your nose if it wasn't $300
link 2
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I was also going to suggest Etsy. Here are some white ones:

[1] -- but it's $200!
[2] -- this one is my fav.
[4]--totally Liz, but this one is $300!
[5]--This one is Hawaiian, but I think it's similar to what you are looking for.
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I like zulily a lot. Pay attention to their size charts, though! Not necessarily caftans, but lots of tunics and maxi dresses.
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You want - don't be put off by the Arabic/Muslim slant. I have never ordered from them myself, but it looks like they will express ship and offer almost everything in plus sizing.
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