Like a singing doll?
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I stumbled across a female musician a while back, forgot her name, and am trying to find her music again. Please help!

Maybe six months ago, maybe more, I stumbled across a female musician, and my memories about her and her music are pretty fuzzy.

I want to say I found out about her through articles on the pastel/soft goth culture on Tumblr. I'm not saying she's associated with that culture, just that that may have been the starting point of my plummet down the rabbit hole (though she might be associated with that subculture).

The music was soft, it may have been finger-picked guitar, it may have had electronic elements. The woman sang in a higher, airy voice and I would describe the entire feel as "doll-like" but if I remember correctly, her lyrics were pretty dark/ghastly/brutal. For some reason I'm thinking one of her songs had a guy's name either in or as the title. The song may have been about hurting/killing said guy. And I don't know if the video had aged/pastel colors in it, or if the website with an interview/profile/article had that coloring, but in my mind, I'm associating pale pink, and then an aged brown-toned black and white with the video/music.

NOT Rasputina; while it had a similar "precious" feel, it was softer, more bedroom-folky, and it was only one woman, under a singular (I'm assuming her own) name. And I want to say she was much more current, ie, producing work in the last couple of years. She was younger, maybe early-mid 20s, or appealing to that age range.

Does this ring any bells for anyone? I've tried Googling to no avail. I know I've given very little to go on, but ask.mefi's pulled out miracles with these kinds of things before. I appreciate any/all leads.
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Joanna Newsom?
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I linked my fiancée to this question, since she listens to a lot of similar music, and within thirty seconds she told me "Nicole Dollanganger, I'm 90% sure". Is it her?
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Melanie Martinez?
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PJ Harvey?
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Nicole Dollanganger has a song called Danny that sounds vaguely like the murder ballad you describe. But she doesn't actually kill anyone in the song--the lyrics are: "Split his ribs open using my bare hands, but I could not repair all of the damage."
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Chelsea Wolfe?
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If it was a YouTube video, you could check your history there. You might have to be logged in into a Google account at the time.
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Marissa Nadler?
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Xyzzy, thank you! This is exactly the song.
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