Dropped my cellphone in Budapest, help?
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Anyone have any idea how to buy an off contract phone in Budapest? Dropped mine just now,it's dead, i'm here two more days.
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I'd head for a larger electronics store (Saturn would work) and buy a cheap pre-paid phone (make sure it's simlock free). But then, I'd be happy with something that just makes/takes calls and sends/receives text messages, and your needs may be different.
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I'm not in Budapest but I'm in central Europe. I'd go to the nearest big mall, they should have stores of all the main providers, you can buy a phone and a cheap Sim card with no contract (prepaid)
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The Budapest Saturn might in fact now be called Mediamarkt. They have several branches in the city and sell plenty of phones that your sim should work in. But make sure to ask before you buy.
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