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Are there places designed to be encouraging and motivating where I can post a daily journal and have people comment on it?

I'm not talking about setting up a blog or whatever and then hoping people in the vast internet maybe notice it. I'm more curious if there are places designed for everyone to post a journal and read each others and encourage and help each other from the get-go.

I've always figured that it would be much easier to deal with problems when you've got a community around you that's encouraging, helpful, and can also hold your feet to the fire to a degree. But I'm not necessarily looking for something that's extremely goal-oriented; more just oriented towards encouraging each other day-to-day.

Here's a slightly specific example, but it's the only one I've got. So, I play Splatoon on the Wii U, and it gives me the option to post play journals to the Miiverse where other people can see them. I actually am fairly diligent about posting my thoughts after each play session whether they be positive, negative, or whatever. What's happened is that I've slowly created a group of people who follow these journals of mine. Others come across them just perusing the Miiverse. And they give me encouragement or even advice based on what I've written about the game and how I played. It's nice. I get to journal and get my thoughts off my chest, and people seem to like my candor, and they respond positively to it. It's been a good complementary part of playing the game for me.

I'm looking for something similar, but applicable to life in general. Basically this is how my day went, this is what I'm struggling with, this is what I'm pondering, this is what I'd like to know, this is how I feel right now, etc. And I would read and respond to others as well as part of the community.

So, does anything approaching this sort of public journaling thing thing I've vaguely described exist?
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I would recommend "The Oasis" part of Brian Johnson's Entheos site.
I used to hang out a bit there, and found everyone to be positive and uplifting, albeit a bit woo woo sometimes.
I'm not sure how indepth anyone is going to respond, but maybe if you start responding, they will return in kind.

They aren't accepting new members right now, but evidently I can invite folks.
If you PM me your email address, I'll be glad to send one.

Hope this helps!

- Bill
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Make a dreamwidth account, then ask around for folks who are both here and there?
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Some people still use Livejournal!
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Prosebox is an online writing community that seems to meet your needs.
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Prosebox looks like exactly what I need. Looks easy to work with and seems to have enthusiastic members. I look forward to diving into it.
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