I love Converse Hi Tops, but what's up with the long laces on them?
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I want to know how I can reduce the length of the laces on my Hi Tops. A few ideas have popped into my head, but most aren't ideal.

I've thought about snipping them with scissors (which I probably would rather not do as the laces would then lack aglets), lacing my shoes in some unconventional way (which I know would be quite a task for me as I suck at lacing shoes in non-standard ways) and buying new, shorter laces (not really ideal for me as I'm kind of—OK very fucking—anal when it comes to this kind of stuff and wouldn't want to use non-Converse laces in my Hi Tops. And the colour would have to be right).

Currently I'm tucking the laces behind the tongues of my shoes but after doing enough walking they tend to become untucked.

Got any suggestions?
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Cut them to your preferred length, then dip the cut end in clear nail polish to make a new aglet-ish end to the shoelace.
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Buying new laces seems like the easiest approach, but there are lots of ways to create your own aglets if you want to cut them yourself.
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The finest shoelace site on the internets has a whole list of ways to cope with excess length. I've always used the adhesive tape aglet method.
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The laces are long because some folks like to do fancy lacing on their Chucks.

You can buy replacement aglets (they come in metal as well, but the plastic would be more true to the originals.
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The awesomely old-school Chucks Connection website gives you multiple solutions.
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I just double knot mine and they stay tied and out of the way.
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As someone with a super wide foot, the laces on Chucks are barely long enough.

Cut your laces to your preferred length, and then use heat shrink tubing to make new aglets.
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When I have laces that are too long (common with my narrow flattish feet) I just make the loops long and tie them in an additional bow. Like double-knotting but easier to untie.
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What we do with my kid's shoes: get the "extra" lace in the middle (at the bottom of the laces), tightly knot it there, and tuck in the loop of extra material. But you could also knot it really well and then actually trim the extra, maybe wrapping a little tape around the knot to protect it. No mucking about with re-finishing the ends this way.
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Are these just like... normal white shoelaces? Just buy new ones that are the right length. Shoelaces are cheap and readily available. I know this isn't ideal for you but it's the easiest solution.
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I loop the last section before it hits the top eyelet around the back of the shoe. Works well for me to shorten the laces and keeps them feeling snug.
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There's always the ankle wrap.
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Why not pull the laces through the bottom set of eyelets twice, or even three times?
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OK, so for now I'm using the adhesive tape aglet method but in the near future will be ordering clear aglets from Etsy.

Thanks so much, folks. You motherfuckers rock.
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When not wearing dress shoes, I've worn nothing but low-top Chucks for like 15 years. The long laces drive me crazy! Years ago, when I still biked everywhere, I ditched laces altogether and did the bike tube slip-on conversion (which I highly recommend!). More recently, I was gifted some lace anchors and kinda love them.
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And I always wish Converse would put longer laces in their low-top Chucks, because the laces are NEVER long enough for me.
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wow, ladh, lace anchors! inner tube laces! I am inspired.
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