Durable, metal-free belt?
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For at least the immediate future I'll need pass through security in a federal courthouse without the benefit of employee ID, which means going through a metal detector. I need a durable, metal-free belt (leather or otherwise) that fits standard 35mm belt loops and looks reasonably presentable in a casual-end-of-business-casual environment. Thanks!
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There's a large market for belts like this because the TSA sucks. Here's one option. Search for things like "security friendly belt" and "tsa buckle belt" and "metal free belt" and you're sure to find something that suits you.
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Duluth Trading makes a buckleless belt.
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C4 Belts are plastic, available in business friendly colors, and have a lifetime guarantee.
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If you want a no-show belt, invisibelts work well.
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Bison has a number of belts that may work for you.
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Croakies has some styles for which the buckle is described as being "horn".
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Ultimately bought a 5.11 TDU Belt, it's cheap, durable and comfortable. Highly recommended.
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