Programs for people with autism
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I have a family member who is autistic and having a difficult time coping with school and with life in general. He has consented to attending a workshop or classes that might help him deal with things a little better. We are located in the San Jose area and wondering if anyone knows of any such programs. Thank you.
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Knowing how old this person is would probably help. At least if we are talking teen/young adult/adult. Are they in college or just working life? Stuff like that.
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Is he in contact with his nearest Regional Center? I don't know if there is one in San Jose; I'm somewhat familiar with the Regional Center of the East Bay. These centers are contracted by the State of CA and are meant to help and provide support to individuals with developmental disabilities. It may be worth checking into.
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Parents Helping Parents is a fantastic resource that can probably refer you to some good opportunities.

EvoLibri is a private organization that offer some very good programs for teens and young adults. If he is getting services from the Regional Center, they might pay for the program

In fact, if he is getting services from the regional center, (San Andreas Regional Center serves this area) his case worker might have some more suggestions as well as knowing what resources might be available to pay for them.
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He is 20 years old.
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