Perplex on plexiglass and mounting pictures
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I have a small assortment of things I'd like to hang (photo prints, posters, papers, etc) and a trip to the framing store came out with a bill of nearly $200 to do everything. I do have several sheets of plexiglass left over from another project and I'm trying to figure out if I could simply sandwich the things I want to hang between two sheets of plexiglass and bolt it together without any long-term ill effects.
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Let the framers do it for $200, it is cheap, if it is more than five things. Framing is annoying at best, and the things you like, deserve to look good. They will just nag you from the walls if they don't.
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What about just decoupaging the picture to the back of one sheet of plexiglass? Two would be really heavy.
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It depends. Is the plexiglass a variety that offers UV protection? Are the prints in question printed with lightfast inks? Will they be hanging near a window? Do you have (or plan to purchase) acid free mounting tape? Will you treat the paper surfaces with UV sprays, and, if so, do you have access to samples in order to test reactivity? Does none of this matter because you don't care about fading/yellowing?
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$200 bucks? Damn that is reasonable for multiple custom frames.

I think you could use plexi, but you'd need to figure out how to hang it. You'd also need to get beautifully clean cuts to make it look nice. I have something framed which is sandwiched between two sheets of glass and it looks fine.

Have you tried all the cost cutting options? If you're anywhere near standard sizes, then you can always use a premade frame and just have a mat board cut to fit. Even cheaper is to float the object on a piece of mat board.
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Moisture in the air will cause the pictures to stick permanently to the plexi. In addition to all the issues mentioned by xyzzy. You may think now, "I don't care about this art and I'll change it all in 10 years anyway" but if I had a nickel for every time someone came in hoping a new frame could salvage a worn-out piece they didn't expect to grow to love and cherish...I'd have a lot of nickels and I would still be a framer.

That said, if it's truly temporary and you're OK throwing away your art, go for it.
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Nth ing that $200 is a pretty good deal. If you wanted to go a bit cheaper and not sandwich your art, but still use your plexiglass, you might look at buying just the frames from a place like and cutting your plexi down to fit the frame. (protip: If you get the disassembled metal frames shipping is really cheap, because the box is really small.)
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